10 Great Running Quotes We Heard This Year

We kept our ears open over the past few months and we heard some pretty ridiculous quotes that we wanted to share. We hope you enjoy.


10. For me, running works better than Zoloft.

Not really sure why but we overheard this on the Long Branch promenade from another running duo and we couldn’t agree more. Now Viagra, that’s a different story!


9. There was no first bus, so we took the second bus.

This one sounded ridiculous but it actually makes a little bit of sense. There were 2 shuttles that left daily from the HS to cross country practice at the park. It sounded so ridiculous, we had to investigate.


8. What’s the deal with your mascot?

We’ve heard this easily 1,000 times. We even have a top 10 list coming of the wrong things people call him. For the record, our beloved Jogsey is shaped similar to the State of NJ, the greatest place in the world. However, not everyone seems to get it.


7. Gee Whiz! Those RunJersey.com performance Tee’s are spectacular. Where do I get one?

Great question whippersnapper! Go to our shop at runjersey.com or they will be coming soon to Runner’s High in Freehold.


6. You’re going to run in this weather?

Ohh shut up, you non-runner. Weather is weather.


5. I have a love/hate relationship with running.

I hate actually doing it, but I love talking about it all the time.


4. Q.) What hurts you?  A.)  Everything.  Well, everything except my tongue and my hair. They don’t hurt.

We overheard a husband say this to his wife at last fall’s LBI 18 miler, as they (& we) battled headwinds for 3 hours.


3. When I run on the beach, I always look across the ocean and wonder if there is a Chinese person on the other side looking my way at the exact same time. 

It’s a brilliant thought, except for the fact that you have the wrong ocean.


2. Running sucks. I should have taken up bowling. 

The guy next to us at the start of Pennington 5k relayed these unforgettably, unmotivational words to us. Way to get us pumped, Lombardi!


1. Ummmm, this race is in the wrong F’ing state.

This brilliant quote was uttered from one RunJersey.com co-founder to another after realizing that the July 4th Revolution Run was actually in PA and not NJ. Probably not the best thing to find out when you write for a website about running in NJ. So much for waking up at 6 am for a 90 minute drive to cover a race in the wrong state. Ooops, my bad.

Honorable Mention
I am only drinking because I have writers block. I am not even thirsty.

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