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Our Buddies Craig And Pete Of Runners High Talk A Little Shop

As we planned to launch the site, our buddy Craig and the team at Runner’s High of Freehold were tremendously helpful to us. They truly are good guys who are extremely knowledgeable and love to assist runners of all abilities. We strongly urge you to stop in their store for your next pair of sneakers or any running gear you need. We hope you enjoy the video below as the fellas talk shop regarding this year’s Boston Marathon, Beer Runs and some upcoming races here in NJ. We hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave the guys a comment as well and be sure to check out their site as well.




Thousands Cross The Finish Line At The NJ Marathon and Half


Today’s marathon events brought thousands of runners and supporters to the shores of the New Jersey coast on a day perfectly made for running. Assembling in the parking lots of Monmouth Park Racetrack, the 8000 + athletes set off and meandered through the streets of Monmouth County on their way to glory and (well-deserved) bragging rights via the finish line at Pier Village. (more…)

Getting Amped At The NJ Marathon Expo

It’s the eve of the best race in NJ and thousands of runners have converged on the Monmouth Park Racetrack. Their purpose is not to hit the lucky trifecta (although not a bad idea once you are there) but to pick up race packets and meet dozens of outstanding vendors. More importantly, the Expo is a chance to build enthusiasm for the race and there is undoubtedly an aire of excitement growing amongst the participants. Perhaps this race marks a transition from this year’s seemingly endless Jersey winter and provides athletes a chance to actually experience Spring while doing something they love. We think the buzz in the air relates to the overall greatness of this event. We can not think of a better place to cross a finish line than in Long Branch, with hundreds of screaming fans on one side and a perfect ocean view on the other side.

We caught up with a handful of runners to …

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Marathon Preview With Joe Gigas, Executive Director

For many of us, this week is the Super Bowl of running here in New Jersey. The Novo Nordisk NJ Marathon will take place this Sunday as well as the Long Branch Half Marathon. The weekend also features a can’t miss Expo, the Barnabas Health Family Events and Kids Races along with the Shaping-NJ 5K on Saturday.

Joe Gigas, the races’ Executive Race Director took some time out of his busy, pre-race schedule this week to discuss the race with us at It took us (Corey and Charlie) about 10 seconds after meeting Joe to feel his unrelenting passion for this event and the sport of running in general. He proudly donned his race director jacket and his shirt respectfully saluted our fellow Bostonian runners. The second he began explaining some of the details for this weekend, Joe lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. It was truly inspiring to see such a passionate, well-intentioned individual …

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Welcome to

Thank you so much for checking out our new website.  We are so appreciative that you did.

RunJersey is an online celebration of the world’s greatest sport and the world’s greatest place!  This site is geared to entertain and provide resources for runners of all skill levels.  Whether you are training for Olympic glory or you are going for your first 5k, we applaud you and we are here for you, so check back frequently.  We hope you enjoy!!!

What you can expect:

We have a great team including experts on various aspects of running, who are thrilled to share their passion with you through entertaining articles.

We have our Running Shoes Off/Spotlight On section in which we discuss running with celebrities, athletes, interesting personalities and people in the scene.

Our Places to Run page gives you details insight on some of the best places to run throughout the state. It also serves a a venue for runners …

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Spotlight On.. Andrew Sheehan

Author of The Essential Sheehan

The New Must Read by Andrew Sheehan.

The New Must Read by Andrew Sheehan.

“Sweat cleanses from the inside.  It comes from a place a shower will never reach.” – Dr. George Sheehan.

If you are a recreational runner in this country, you owe a debt of gratitude to George Sheehan.  George Sheehan is the William Shakespeare of running.  He was out pounding the pavement and spreading the values of running years before the running boom of the 1970’s swept the nation.

What started as a side gig covering the 1968 Mexico Olympics for the NJ based Red Bank Register eventually lead to becoming the medical editor of Runner’s World, a handful of brilliant books, speaking engagements and by in-large made Sheehan the godfather of running in this country. Aside from being an author, he was no slouch on the race course either.  His accolades include notching 21 consecutive Boston Marathon finishes and a 4:47 minute mile at age 50 (the over 50 world record at the time). (more…)

The Birthday Mile

by Mara Domanski.

Below is a wonderful contribution from our friend Mara, whose idea for “The Birthday Mile” has become somewhat contagious. It’s not only a celebration of running, but a celebration of life and its simple pleasures. Mara joins us as we invite all of our readers to enjoy running and make “The Birthday Mile” a part of your family’s tradition.

I grew up in Chanhassen, MN and was blessed to have parents whose professional careers revolved around what are typically considered extra-curriculars in most families.  My mother is a talented musician who teaches piano and voice lessons.  My father enjoyed a long tenure as a physical education teacher and a coach of all sports, and still substitute teaches, coaches and referees at 74 years of age.  So in addition to much exposure in music and the arts, sports were huge in my household growing up.   You can imagine how wonderful this was for me as a young girl, …

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10 Huge Tips For Your Next Race

Rob C

By Robert Cavanaugh


You have logged many miles over the past few months, and now it’s time for that big race. You may have no idea on what to expect, but by following a few running guidelines you will have a successful race experience.  Many experienced runners will say that the last 24 to 48 hours before the race is the most crucial time.

These 10 tips will ensure you run your best race and help you reach the finish line with a smile on your face:

1. Cutting down miles prior to race: Leading up to race day, your running mileage should decrease. Your training is complete, and now it’s time for your legs to get ready. The day before your race you should go for a 15-20 minute run, focusing on form and staying loose. Following your jog, make sure you get a good stretch in. (more…)

Running The New Jersey Boardwalks

Every New Jerseyan has spent some time walking on the iconic boardwalks of the famous New Jersey shore.  The boardwalk has provided lasting memories for all of us…Losing all your money trying to win a giant stuffed animal, drinking beers and passing out after the prom, consuming giant pizza slices or gazing at the breathtaking views.  For so many of us, the Jersey shore boardwalk holds tons of great memories.  It is also a 100% CAN’T-MISS running location for any reader.


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