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Running Opportunities For Kids

By Robert Cavanaugh

@RTC Training

Children’s running is on the rise in our area and across the country.  More and more of the local road races offer kids runs from short sprints up to the 1 mile.

Introducing kids to running at a young age can benefit them in all aspects of their life from becoming physically fit, sleeping better, eating healthier  and teaching them respect and commitment.  Yet, children are going to follow the lead set by the adults around them.  By making changes in your exercise regimen will benefit not only your health, but will likely improve the chances of your child wanting to get active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Running offers kids the sense of freedom and the sense of reward and achievement when they finish.  Like so many individual sports that rely on self-motivation and hard work to achieve success, running additionally teaches kids respect, commitment, confidence and builds self-esteem, all of which are important …

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Runner, Actress, Humanitarian…Karla Mosley

We could go on, and on, and on…inspiration, advocate, singer, performer, family-member, role model. was able to meet our first real celebrity…Karla Mosley. The actress took a break from lighting up the screen on programs such as The Bold and The Beautiful and CW’s Heart of Dixie as she was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her schedule to chat with the staff.

Karla’s passion and love for the sport of running came to fruition about 8 years ago when she began training for a leg (about 6 miles) of the Oregon-based Hood to Coast marathon relay. The success of that event quickly grew into a passion that would become an integral part of her life going forward. For Karla, the thing she loves about running is listening to her body. She feels that running is a great way to connect with herself, enjoy life and relax.

Over the past few years, Karla has also …

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Meet JOGSEY. A NJ Running Legend!

“I don’t know what that thing is, but I know it’s awesome.” One runner said it best this weekend as we unveiled our official mascot at the Spring Lake 5. JOGSEY is our little friend and a key member of the team. He can be seen at many local events promoting the greatest sport and the greatest place on earth. JOGSEY also loves children and always encourages youngsters to participate in running in a safe and fun way. He is available for our super fun running-themed birthday parties. If you see us at a race or an event, please ask the staff for a sticker or feel free to take a picture with JOGSEY. We also encourage you to check our site for pics of runners high 5’ing JOGSEY during the race. Also please check back for tons more stuff to come on JOGSEY in the future.

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A Brief Runner’s Reflection On Memorial Day.

For so many of us, Memorial Day weekend provides us with a chance to do some of the things that we truly love to do. It’s a great opportunity to get away from work to experience some of the things that make America great. It should be a time to enjoy BBQ’s, family picnics, community races, baseball games and trips to the beach.

As runners, we are better than most when it comes to self-reflection. If you are taking a run or joining a race this weekend, perhaps it is a good time to think about Memorial Day and it’s true meaning. Certainly, it is important to remember our brave men and women who selflessly sacrificed their lives for the country we love. We would not be able to enjoy the things (such as recreational running) that make America so great without the bravery and sacrifice of the members of our Armed Forces. To that end, we invite you to …

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Pics n Vids from Spring Lake 5 Starting Line

Full screen video for higher quality.

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The Spring Lake 5! An Iconic Event To Kick-Off Summer!

Is there anything better than Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey Shore? Probably not, but maybe the only thing better is running the Spring Lake 5…with 10,000 other friends.sp5 533

Friday night’s grey skies and sogginess gave way to a glimpse of sunshine and some decent running conditions by the time the legendary 5-mile trek kicked off. The moment the pistol fired, New Jersey’s summer unofficially began. What seemed like an endless sea of runners filled Ocean Ave heading north towards Belmar. The excitement was taste-able as both the runners as well as the crowd were in great spirits for the legendary event. The race is categorized as one of the top 100 races in the country, but from everyone we spoke to, it’s number 1.

We find the Spring Lake 5 to be such a unique race. Not only does it unofficially kick-off summer in a place we all want be, but there were so many sidebars that enhance the …

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Happy Bearded Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of RunJersey’s Founding Fathers, Corey W! The true technical brains of our little operation here, Corey turns twenty-something today. Take a break from fixing glitches and enjoy yourself, Corey.

Speaking of birthdays, check out our article from a few weeks ago on The Birthday Mile, an awesome running tradition.…

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Hot Dogs, Apple Pie And The Spring Lake 5

The temperature is beginning to rise and the days are getting longer. More importantly, this weekend is the Spring Lake 5, a truly iconic race that unofficially kicks off summer for all of us. It’s been a Memorial Day weekend tradition since 1977. Approximately 10,000 runners (all who woke up early a few months back to get in) will line up for this year’s event. It promises to be another great one and we wish you all a great race..

RunJersey will be on hand, so be sure to look for us and introduce yourself. We will also have our mascot JOG-SEY there as well. Feel free to grab a sticker or take a picture with him. Best of luck to you all. Enjoy your race and of course enjoy your post race summer cocktail. It was a long winter getting here!

JOGSEY is in town!

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