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Five Ways Yoga Will Make You A Better Runner

H26 At Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven.

H26 At Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven.

Jen Portman is the owner of Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven. She is also our Yoga guru here at After taking her Hot Yoga (H26) classes last year, we felt an immediate and obvious impact on our running. For more information on Jen and her amazing studio, please go to

Five Ways Yoga Can Make You a Better Runner

By Jen Portman

If you still think ‘updog’ and ‘downdog’ are canine commands, or that plank is something you walk off into the sea, you’re clearly missing the boat when it comes to the latest training techniques. More runners now understand the huge strides to be made by incorporating yoga in to their training regimen. So, if you want a leg up on your competition, or simply want to continue running comfortably into your golden years, you should consider yoga.  Here are five ways yoga can improve your running.…

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