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Top 10 Races In New Jersey

OK. So, we decided to unveil our ‘favorite races in NJ’ list. We’re sure that we’ll get beat up a bit about this, as folks always seem to be passionate about their favorite races. If we missed one, please feel free to make your case for it in the comments section. Well.. here goes!…

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RunJersey Takes It To The Airwaves

Some truly exciting news that we here at wanted to share with you all… We have been invited by the good people at WCTC Radio, The Voice Of Central Jersey to be a guest on their morning show this Tuesday. We will be joining legendary Jersey DJ Bert Baron a few moments after 8 AM. You can tune in to AM1450 on our radio dial or stream it live online!

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The Heart IS A Muscle

By Ed Halper

Finishing a good weight workout – you are “pumped!” Blood has rushed to your chest, biceps, triceps, or shoulders, and you can see and feel a difference in your body. It’s a good feeling! Following a hard cardio workout, you’re usually more drained, and the muscle that’s “pumped” is inside of you – your heart.…

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Perfect Jersey Sunset

Last week, I was going for an evening run for the purpose of de-stressing. I came across this picturesque sky on the banks of the Navesink and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I had to share with our readers!

If you have great running pictures that you want to send us, please feel free to send it to us at or post to our facebook page. We may even use it for our 2015 calendar.

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Places To Run: The Sourland Mountain Preserve

Ahhh, the Sourlands. “Let’s go. Let’s go there right now!”

4,000 acres of hilly terrain, situated in Hillsborough and partially Montgomery. It’s closer than you think from from 206, Princeton, Bridgewater and even New Brunswick. The park is managed by the good people of the Somerset County Park Commission (my former employer). 20140705_140411It’s the quintessential trail running spot. There are a handful of trails ranging in difficulty and length including the Pondside trail (0.5 miles) all the way to the 5-mile Ridge Loop. All of which are just steep enough to get your heart pumping a little faster.…

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10 Tips For People Who Hate To Run

By: Beth Risdon

Often people tell me they hate running. Or, they tell me they aren’t good at it. Let’s face it – the real reason people don’t like running is that they are uncomfortable when they run. I say, no sh*t you are uncomfortable when you run. Most of us are. The fact is – running is tough. That is why if you listen to people around you who are running they are breathing hard and groaning and sometimes cussing.…

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Cruising Along…..To The Marathon

For most people, a cruise ship is the perfect chance for some serious R & R. It’s a time to sip pina coladas poolside on the lido deck without a care in the world. However, the cruise ship experience is a little different for a runner. Typically there is a small loop on the top deck that has dedicated times for the walkers/runners on-board.DSCN0791

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