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Running With Your Dog – A Love / Hate Relationship

I love my dog. I swear.

After all, I must love her to take her out running with me as much as I do.

Lily is a special kind of dog. Not a special breed — she’s a Humane Society mutt. She’s simply a unique combination of athleticism, enthusiasm, loyalty and willingness. That’s a polite way of saying Lily loves to run, loves to run fast, and will drag you along for as long as you can keep up.

Do you have a four-legged running partner? Maybe some of this will sound familiar. …

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Running’s Biggest Cheaters (A Nod To Tom Brady & The Pats)

In case you didn’t know, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. There is a little story out there accusing the New England Patriots of cheating by deflating balls. I guess cheating helps you win Super Bowls, but you need a whole lot more to beat the New York Giants.

So, this talk of spy-gate, deflate-gate and all this cheating got us to think about the running world’s biggest cheaters. Here are our 2 biggest cheaters in the history of running.…

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Team Showcase: Jersey Women Strong … Much More Than A Running Group

From time to time, spotlights a New Jersey runner or a team with a great story. If you know someone with a running story that is incredible, inspiring or just plain interesting, please email us at

What started out as a small handful of women training for the Tetterboro 5K has transformed into something far more impressive. Jersey Women Strong, based in Bergen County, is a running group but also a whole lot more. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or you’re training for your first 5K, Jersey Women Strong will welcome you with open arms and support you every step of the way.

The origin of the team truly took flight after they had trained for and successfully completed the Tetterboro race. …

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Runner Spotlight: Bobby Repsha… Hockey Tough

From time to time, Run Jersey spotlights a New Jersey runner with a great story. If you know someone with a running story that is incredible, inspiring or just plain interesting, please email us at

This past summer, we met a Brookdale student with an infectious personality. Bobby Repsha trained for and completed his first 5K at Lake Cuomo’s Fallen Hereos 5K.

The genesis for his racing career is due, in part, to his Aunt Carol, an avid runner and participant in many of the area races. Bobby, who was often joined by his aunt,  trained extensively for the event, having started his training about 2 and a half months before the race. Most weeks Bobby trained 5-6 days a week utilizing Colts Neck High School’s parking lot as his home turf.  …

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No Drinking January?? I’ll Drink To That!

I’m not the biggest drinker in the world, but I definitely enjoy some wine when I’m out to dinner or a couple of beers while watching the Giants game (to dull the pain). However, like a lot of others, from Thanksgiving to New Years, I end up drinking with the frequency of a Dublin Dockworker.

Between work events, family gatherings and meeting up with friends, it was a booze filled December for me. It certainly did not help my running. I ran less frequently and (in a few instances) less distance than normal. My “binge” also had me waking up on several occasions with a sore back and sore muscles.

There are some initiatives out there (mainly in England) where “regular folks” take a month or so off from sipping cocktails. It can be used for a break, as a fund-raiser or simply as something to do.…

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New Writers Added To

A few weeks back, we put out a brief message on the Run Jersey Facebook Page asking for new writers. Well… the call was answered! We received a tremendous response. So, our readers will be enjoying some awesome contributions from a handful of great new voices surrounding the NJ running community.

Not only do we have a great new stable of writers, but they each offer a diverse angle into the world of running. They include an elite runner, a college student who loves running (and uses it to stay sane between exams), a veteran writer who brings a ton of personality to his work and many more.

We are continuing to accept contributions form other new writers as well. If you had any interest in writing for us (whether it’s 1 good article or a recurring spot) please shoot us an email at

Thanks and we hope you enjoy.…

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