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Welcome To Our New Sponsor: Robert Marchese, Attorney At Law is happy to announce our newest sponsor…Robert Marchese, Attorney At Law. Based in Red Bank, Robert is your go-to for personal injury, real estate, wills and all your legal needs. He has more than 2 decades of experience and an equally long track record of integrity and results.

He has been a huge supporter of youth recreation and activities for years and is happy to support the New Jersey running community! We are tremendously thankful.

For more information please check out his website here or call (732) 741 0911.

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Hawks Soar Past The Competition Winning The MAAC Championships!

A huge congrats goes out to the Monmouth University Hawks Indoor Track Team! This past weekend, they took the MAAC Conference Championship title in both the Men’s and Women’s divisions.

Ahmier Dupree, Ben Boyd and Dylan Capwell (recently featured here) all set meet records with stand-out performances.

Head Coach Joe Compagni deservedly notched Coach Of The Year honors as well. We spoke with the MU skipper and he shared his thoughts; “Our coaching staff was very pleased with how the team responded to the challenge of the MAAC Championships. Our current Seniors have not lost a conference championship in indoor or outdoor track in four years. We had a lot of people step up this weekend to help us get the wins”.

Congrats to all on an amazing season!

On a personal note, we are so pleased to see MU Track perform so well. Compagni, MU Athletics and the entire team opened up to us with tons …

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VIDEO: Jogsey Trained Hard Today… Did You?

We are truly appreciative and (frankly) ecstatic to have so many new readers enjoying We want to introduce our new friends to our official mascot…Jogsey! You may see Jogsey at some NJ race slapping 5’s and cheering runners on!

Here is a little motivational video to help all our readers get inspired for their next run. It’s our respect-nod to the 80’s sports movie training montages. We hope you all enjoy it!!!  Let us know what you think.

More Pics From Monmouth’s Night Of Milers

As a follow up to our earlier article on Monmouth’s Night of Milers, here are some more pictures of the athletes in action. Once again, great effort by the students and all who were involved with this event.

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Jersey Athletes Run Strong At MU Open!

It’s Valentine’s Day on the campus of Monmouth University and love was in the air for the Monmouth University Collegiate Open. Scratch that, SPEED was in the air… lightning-fast speed. Athletes from more than 16 Universities including NJIT, Rider and TCNJ descended on the West Long Branch campus for an indoor meet inside the friendly confines of the Monmouth Athletic Center.…

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We downed a number of mugs of warm chocolate as we suffered the storm. At some point we made the upcoming choice to obtain back on the freeway. The rainfall stopped as well as the wind declined.

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Clouds are developed when water vaporizes from rivers, pools, oceans, and lakes. High cirrus clouds are relocated by a jet stream and occasionally travel at ONE HUNDRED kmph. When clouds belong of an electrical storm, they often travel at 30-40 kmph.

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