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Do Runners Make Better Fugitives?

We were as intrigued as anyone to watch as 2 fugitives, Dick Sweat and the other guy, escaped a New York prison three weeks ago. Like the rest of the country, we followed the news closely and were in suspense as law enforcement officials bravely captured/killed the 2 escapees.

It got us thinking…  Would runners make better fugitives? 

Let’s see……

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Telecommute or Run… That is the Question for New Jersey

Does your company let you work from home? Do you wish they did?

It seems like a great deal for everyone. Employees cut down on the time they spend sitting in traffic and employers cut down on what they spend on rent.

The AT&T Labs Complex, situated in Middletown, NJ, has done its fair share of outsourcing and telecommuting over the years and are now experiencing some of the negative repercussions.…

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Run Jersey Does Throwback Thursday

As many of you know, the internet and the social-sphere are known for Throwback Thursdays. (I literally just learned about it last week). It’s where old pictures are put up from way-back-when on Thursdays.

Well… we want in. For the next few Thursdays, we will be posting some of our greatest stories and articles from our writers.

You may be asking Why are you reposting old stories if the site is only 1 year old?

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How To Place In Your Next 5K. Our Guaranteed Steps To Get You That Prize.

A few months back, we published an article called “Runner’s Bucket List” which, according to our metrics, proved to be one of your favorite stories. The piece explained that all runners should have a list of running goals they want to accomplish at some point in their lives. The goals should be a way to stretch your efforts and achieve something that is both reasonable and challenging at the same time.

We met one of our readers recently and he shared some great insight with us about an item on his running bucket list. Item # 4 on his list was that he always wanted to “win something” at a race. It was that simple, he wanted to leave a race having placed in his age group and he wanted to receive a trophy, ribbon, certificate.. basically anything. He explained to us that this was extremely important to him and that achieving it did not have very much …

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Ideal Therapeutic Run

Do you take therapeutic runs?

I am sure running, for many people, is a lot about their mental state as well as physically putting in the miles. For me, being along the water with the right combination of music, salty air and crashing waves against the shoreline, I feel like I am able to work through some of my most challenging emotions.…

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Healthy Minute: The Simple Guide To Paleo

Probably no diet resonates with us better than those who have a spiffy name, but the Paleolithic era diet or “Paleo Diet” is not just some cool sounding fad, whether you believe it was the Cavemen’s main cuisine of choice or not.

There are plenty of studies showing that the Paleo diet definitely carries a plethora of benefits. From increasing your HDL, lowering triglycerides, lowering HbA1c (a marker for 3-month blood sugar levels), lowering diastolic blood pressure, weight loss and more.

So what foods make up this Caveman’s grub? Often the diet is defined as that of hunter & gatherers. So berries, nuts, etc. and the occasional Brachiosaurus to throw on the barbie. Or better yet some lean meat from a grass fed cow.

Basically the Paleo diet bans all highly processed junk foods, dairy, legumes, processed grains, and processed sugars while allowing all meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits and most nuts. In its most traditional form, it prohibits any …

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Want To Showcase Your Company Or Event To Thousands Of Active NJ Runners?

Who reads us?

  • Smart, successful and ambitious people
  • Local to NJ
  • Active

How Many Of Them?

  • A lot…We are live for our second year and we continue to grow
  • The readership is in the thousands per week, every week (even when our articles our lousy)

3 Ways to reach the audience:

  • Via the site 24/7
  • Through our Social Media outlets
  • Via our newsletters campaigns

Why is advertising with us is a smart move for you?

  • Perfect local audience
  • Super do-able pricepoint
  • Custom campaigns available
  • Guaranteed results
  • Not Cluttered/We restrict the total number of advertisers

How do I learn more?

  • Just give us an email at and we are happy to chat
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More Great Pics From The Sheehan Classic

Check out a few more shots from last weekend’s George Sheehan Classic in Red Bank.

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5 Superficial Tips For Running A Marathon

By, Jessica Fiur @jfiur

There’s tons of advice for those training for their first (or 100th) marathon—build up your mileage slowly over time, don’t try anything new on race day, train in the shoes you’re going to wear, again; don’t try anything new on race day, test out your fuel in advance, don’t worry about the amount of sleep you get before, seriously, don’t try anything new on race day.

All extremely important tips for running your best marathon. BUT, there might be other things you’re concerned about on race day. Like, maybe some superficial things that you don’t really care about at all because you are a marathon runner and all that matters is putting foot to pavement.

But, still… I mean, you definitely don’t care. But, just in case, here are some superficial tips for running a marathon (for your friend, of course).…

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The George Sheehan Race… A True Classic

More than 1500 runners battled the mighty tower hill and some warm temps for the 22nd Annual George Sheehan Classic in Red Bank. It’s one of the best races on the planet as it celebrates and honors a true running icon.

Dr. Sheehan, a Monmouth county physician and unarguably the godfather of running journalism, would have been proud had he seen the effort and enjoyment of the runners at this wonderful race. …

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