Archive - September 27, 2015

Our Interview With Pope Francis

We were so fortunate to have had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Pope Francis while he was in Philly. Many people may not realize what a huge runner the Pope is, so we chatted with him (and his translator) to learn more. So, Pope-ster, tell us about your visit to the states so far?

Pope Francis: It’s been great so far. The 3 cities I’ve been to seem like kick-ass places to run. How has your running been going over the last few years, since you’ve become the Pope?

Pope Francis: Well, to be honest, I have been running much slower. I think it’s mainly due to the large hats I have to wear all the time. They slow me down and the robes aren’t easy to run in either. That certainly makes sense. Does being Pope have any advantage for your running career? pope 2

Pope Francis: Ohh yeah, absolutely. If …

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