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RunJersey At The TCS 2015 NYC Marathon

2 Million Fans

10,000 Volunteers

& Over 50,000 runners will descend on the Big Apple this Sunday morning for the TCS 2015 NYC Marathon. Starting at the Verrazano Bridge, runners from every corner of the globe will meander through the streets of the 5 boroughs. While the NJ contingency of runners will certainly be well represented, other notables will be in this year’s field as well.IMG_9023

All 4 of last year’s winners will return including Kurt Fearnley (Men’s Wheelchair), Tatyana McFadden (Women’s Wheelchair), Mary Keitany & Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang. 2009 Winner and American favorite Meb Keflezighi will also hope to repeat his prior success. Celebrities Ethan Hawke, Tiki Barber, Alicia Keys, James Blake and more will also be running for charity. Sean Astin, an frequent marathoner, is also running and the chant of “Rudy…Rudy…Rudy” may be heard as he crosses the finish line.

IMG_9030This race is arguable the greatest running event on the globe. What started in 1970 with …

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Spooky Places To Run: Skillman Park (Formerly The North Princeton Developmental Center)

If you showed up with your running shoes to run Skillman Park, it would probably look and feel like thousands of other beautiful New Jersey running locations. However, once you set out and begin your run, you will feel the eeriness of this unique location. Years ago, we ran this location frequently when the buildings were still up and we always felt a creepy vibe throughout the facility.

Here and now, Skillman Park is a peaceful, serene, 247-acres in the Skillman section of Montgomery Township with a perfect 2.25 mile paved loop. However the history goes back to 1898 where the park was called “The State Village for Epileptics” and later “The North Princeton Developmental Center” and had a reputation for cruel medical treatment. IMG_8923

The facility was eventually closed down in the late 1990’s. It sat desolate and out of place for several years to follow, eventually becoming a Weird NJ destination and a must-see …

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Spooky Places To Run: The Lindbergh Kidnapping Route

On March 1, 1932 between 9 and 9:30 PM, Charles Lindbergh’s 20-month old son was kidnapped from his bedroom in Hopewell, NJ. The event was dubbed “The Crime of The Century” and its still one of the most fascinating events ever to happen in NJ. Several days after the kidnapping, the baby was found a few miles IMG_8866away when a truck driver named Will Allen pulled off the road to urinate in  awooded area (something all runners can appreciate) where he noticed the baby’s corpse. The entire country was intrigued and law enforcement began an aggressive search for the kidnapper.

Nearly 3 years later, Richard Bruno Haupmann, an escaped convict from Germany, was charged with the crime after having been caught spending some of $50,000 ransom money. After he was eventually convicted in a Flemington courtroom in a trial that received world-wide coverage, Haupmann took a seat in a Trenton prison’s electric chair swearing his innocence until his …

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Chasing Greatness: A Chat With Fox/My 9 Reporter Tara Jakeway

For many Jersey residents, we end our day with Chasing News (on Fox or My 9), a fast-paced, edgy news broadcast focused on the events in and around our area. The highlight for most viewers are the appearances and stories by the spunky, yet incredibly brilliant Tara Jakeway. Jakeway captivates the audience each night, highlighting the show with her effervescent charm.

The young journalist is not only on her way to stardom as she brings us the top stories, but she is also an avid runner (to put it mildly), so we sat down with her to get her thoughts on the sport of running and tons more.

RunJersey: So, Ms. Tara, tell us where the running career all started for you.


Tara & Mom as part of the NYRR campaign.

Tara J: (Without hesitation) I owe all the credit to my Mom. She is an incredible woman who has run 9 marathons. At age 8, Mom …

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Congrats To All The Jersey Runners Who Completed This Weekend’s Chicago Marathon

The windy city was no match for a handful Jersey runners this past weekend as many made the trek to Chi-town for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Below are some pics from the event.

We truly applaud you all for completing this iconic 26.2 mile event. Now you can recuperate, sleep and eat some deep dish pizza!

Photo credits to Meaghan Kacsmar.…

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Race Preview: This Sunday’s LBI 18 Miler

Are you doing a fall marathon? If so, you absolutely need to do the LBI 18 Miler this Sunday! Even if you aren’t doing a fall full, this race is one that will give you some serious bragging rights to your running peers.

The race enters its 43rd (that’s right, forty-third) year. It was started to commemorate the Israeli athletes slain by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics and also pays respect to the thousands who lost their loves on September 11th.

In addition to the great causes the race honors, the 18-mile distance and the amazing setting provide for a perfect race! The race course extends the full length of LBI from South to North, finishing at the Barnegat lighthouse.

We caught up with Mike Thompson, race organizer from the St. Francis Community Center to get his thoughts. …

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The NYC Marathon/Halloween Dilemma

For many runners (especially those from NJ), the NYC Marathon is the pinnacle of their running career. Running the streets of the world’s greatest city alongside 50,000 others is a “bucket-list” race for many. The sea of cheering fans create a race environment like no other on the planet. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

This year’s marathon promises to be another unforgettable one for the athletes. One small problem…it’s November 1st… the day after Halloween. That presents a big problem for many runners.

A three-person running team, all fans of, brought this to our attention a few weeks back. They are in a real conundrum since they are all mothers. Collectively, the trio has 10 kids between them, ranging in age from 4-12; prime Halloween age.

The question they have to answer is…Trick or treating with the kids OR rest up the day before the marathon?   …

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