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Chasing Greatness: A Chat With Fox/My 9 Reporter Tara Jakeway

For many Jersey residents, we end our day with Chasing News (on Fox or My 9), a fast-paced, edgy news broadcast focused on the events in and around our area. The highlight for most viewers are the appearances and stories by the spunky, yet incredibly brilliant Tara Jakeway. Jakeway captivates the audience each night, highlighting the show with her effervescent charm.

The young journalist is not only on her way to stardom as she brings us the top stories, but she is also an avid runner (to put it mildly), so we sat down with her to get her thoughts on the sport of running and tons more.

RunJersey: So, Ms. Tara, tell us where the running career all started for you.


Tara & Mom as part of the NYRR campaign.

Tara J: (Without hesitation) I owe all the credit to my Mom. She is an incredible woman who has run 9 marathons. At age 8, Mom …

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