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4 Things To Know About This Weekend’s Philly Marathon

It’s the city of brotherly love and the home of 2 amazing races…The Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon. Here are 4 things you should know:

1 The kids at Drexel University are amazing. What’s better than hundreds of pajama-clad students cheering your name at the crack of dawn? drexel

2 Channel your inner Rocky Balboa! Apparently, there was some boxing movie in the 1970’s about some guy from Philadelphia. It’s known for some of the most exciting running footage ever. When you need a little extra motivation, channel your inner Italian Stallion and run tough. mr balboa

3 Start Last…As mediocre/middle of the pack runners, we accidentally came up with a brilliant strategy that improved our running forever. At the 2008 Philly Marathon, we arrived late (thanks to my 1997 Ford Ranger for not starting that morning). So we ended up having to start the race dead last..and it was the best idea ever. Normally we would start races in the middle …

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November 17th…Go Take A Hike! Seriously.

Yes, we realize that there is a BS holiday for just about everything nowadays. However, today is November 17th and it’s National Take A Hike Day and that’s pretty awesome. Not to mention, the weather is pretty close to perfect and New Jersey has hundreds of amazing places to hikes. IMG_4072

Check out our places to run section for a few listings of good hikes and feel free to send us a write up and some pics of your favorite running spot too (we’ll give you free stuff if you do).

What’s better the hiking anyway?

  • It’s quiet.
  • There is no traffic.
  • It’s fun.
  • You get to see cool things like sunsets, birds and other animals.
  • It’s free.

Plus, we have so many great places to hike including tons of beautiful trails in our county and state parks. We also love the smaller, more intimate, tracts of trails that serve as an oasis in a crowded town. IMG_4075

So, grab your boots …

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The Navesink Challenge. The Perfect Fall Race.

It’s a hill, get over it. That phrase speaks volumes about this wonderful event and the runner’s who participate in it. It’s the 15th Annual Navesink Challenge and it’s the can’t-miss race of the Fall. It has also been described as a “Runner’s Race” and that is certainly a fair description. This year’s event will take place on November 29th, a.k.a Thanksgiving Sunday, so it’s the perfect event for you to run off all that turkey & stuffing.  nav222

The Navesink Challenge is certainly not your typical Turkey Trot. It’s undoubtedly one of the best fall races in the state. Two distances are offered, a 5K or a 15K, both occurring through picturesque Autumn landscapes throughout Middletown.

The race supports several local organizations including the Middletown Youth Athletic Association and the Monmouth Conservation Foundation. As per the MCF website:

MCF is steadfastly dedicated to ensuring a permanent legacy of open space and natural habitat throughout the county.” Organizer Leslie …

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52,000 Runners + Millions Of Fans = 1 Amazing Experience

52,000 Runners and more than 4 million fans were a part of something special this past Sunday, The TCS New York City Marathon. It was an experience like we’ve never felt before. Runners were represented from hundreds of countries throughout the globe. The neighborhoods of the 5 boroughs were filled with bands, students, church choirs, neighbors and tourists all “getting their NY on” and creating a frenzy of cheers.

This event is truly a bucket list race for any runner, certainly worth the long training DSCN1621runs, sore hamstrings and lack of toenails over the past few months. Seeing the finish line in Central Park and climbing the final incline to it was truly one of the greatest feelings in life.

Congrats to every runner who completed this marathon, whether you are from Kinnelon, Keansburg or Kenya. 20151101_151535The race truly represents all the amazing things our sport is about. For those reading this…sign up for 2016 and “Get your New …

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