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Sunday’s T-Mobile Newport Half…Greatest Scenery You’ll Ever See On A Racecourse

As the leaves begin to turn and the temperature drops, distance season begins to heat up.

This Sunday marks one of our favorite races of the year…The T-Mobile Newport Half Marathon is a flat, fast course that brings out some the best talent in the state for a perfect late-summer half.

This event also boasts some of the prettiest views you will ever see on a race course. Meandering through the Jersey City waterfront, the course makes it’s way through the iconic Liberty State Park where runners can see picturesque views of Ellis Island, the NYC skyline and Lady Liberty.

For many, it serves as the perfect tune-up run for a fall marathon, but we believe it’s a can’t-miss race on it’s own. We spoke with co-race director Robert Barwick, who shared his thoughts with us.…

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Well…That Stinks

So…our site was down for about 48 straight hours last week, which…well, stinks. Thankfully, we have it all straightened out now and you should expect to return to your daily dosage of running news, informative articles, amazing posts and much more. Thanks for your patience. Keep reading and keep runnin’!…

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Pier House 5K Wrap Up

Early morning fog lifted just in time for the last race of the Jersey Shore Grand Prix Series. The Long Branch Pier House 5K was the sight, and what a pretty one it was this Labor Day. With the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop, a tight group of runners took their marks right on the iconic boardwalk. There were people with long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, no sleeve shirts and in the few cases of some brave men, no shirts.

When each runner crossed the finish, they had their fill of ice cold water. Double-fisting two cups seemed recommended as the temperatures rose quickly. The smell of bananas and bagels was in the air as people re-energized among a sea of volunteers and spectators.

Ryan Calvert of Rumson, New Jersey is “not a runner” he says. But he set a goal for himself to run all five races in the Grand Prix and he certainly accomplished it. The …

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12th Annual Pier House 5K to Complete the Jersey Shore Grand Prix on Labor Day

Ohh, it’s Labor Day right? That means summer fun is over, right? Wrong! There are still tons of kick-ass running events, like this Monday’s Pier House 5K in Long Branch.

The revitalized Long Branch beachfront will play host to the 12th Annual Pier House 5K road race on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th. Race-time is 8:30 am. The goal of the event is to bring community-minded runners to Long Branch to witness first-hand the amazing growth and post-Sandy rebirth in the area. Organizers and sponsors also hope to inspire runners of all abilities to participate in the Golden Grand Prix events. Organized by shore area running enthusiasts, Tim McLoone and Phil Hinck, “The hope is that the Golden Grand Prix will inspire front runners, middle of the packers, and also beginners to participate annually in the shore events, contributing to an already great legacy of great shore running.” To that end, there is open and …

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Calling All Running Globetrotters. A Trip Of Lifetime With Let’s Run The World

berm 7Let’s Run The World – What are they up to now?

Last year, we reported on two adventure running trips that this NJ-based adventure travel cooperative completed in 2014. Here’s the link

So, we wanted to check in with them again to see what they are up to in 2015? We caught up with Joe Gigas the race director of the NJ Marathon and the Beauty and the Beach RunTM who is also the chief world runner at Let’s Run The World. Here’s what we found out.

First up in 2015 – Bermuda

In January of this year, Joe returned to the Bermuda Marathon Weekend and runners from Oregon, Canada and NJ joined him to compete in the Bermuda Triangle Challenge – 3 races in 3 days (1 mile, 10K berm3and full marathon). …

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A Mid-Summer Half…The Perfect Fall Marathon Tune Up

For those of us running a fall marathon, we often try to look for a summer half marathon. 13.1 Is about the training distance (more or less) most fall marathoners are running at this point and we all know that nothing is better than real race experience to assess your training progress.

However, the summer half marathon has become sort-of like the Easter Bunny. We know it exists, but we’ve never been able to find one. After checking the calendars and websites, we actually found one and did it last weekend. And boy was it perfect…..well, sort of.

Running this race was like making love to someone that is a whole lot better at doing it than you are…You absolutely love it, but its overwhelmingly exhausting, so you just try to hold on till its over.

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Places To Run: Sandy Hook

Imagine if you could be running on a piece of history. That’s what you can get when choosing to get your daily dosage of cardio in at Sandy Hook National Park, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The long stretch of hook-shaped beach is easily accessible, whether by bus, car or even ferry. Nestled right in between the Highlands and the Atlantic Ocean, this is a great spot for all kinds of running.

Want to test yourself? Go ahead and try to run the near 6 miles all the way to legendary Fort Hancock. Or if you really want to see what your body can take, try running on the beach sand. Although, that task should be saved for the fall and winter when it isn’t swarming with beachgoers.…

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Race Preview: The Jersey Shore Half Marathon Sunday, October 4th

The Jersey Shore Half Marathon may the perfect Autumn half to put on your race calendar. Whether you want to do it as a tune up for NYC or Philly or you just want a great half in an awesome location, check out this race.

The race has a history that places it as one of the oldest distance events held in New Jersey. The first Jersey Shore Marathon was held January 9, 1972. This year’s event marks the 43rd in the rich history.

Basics: Sunday, October 4th. 9 AM for the Half; 9:05 for the Lighthouse 5k. …

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The Belmar Chase…What a grand pursuit it was!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said ” America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bad-ass speed.” She would have absolutely loved the Belmar Chase, brought to you by the team at Runner’s High. 

The setting was a perfect one, as Belmar’s iconic Ocean Ave played host to most of the 3.1 mile race course. The conditions were also close to perfection as a light breeze came off the water keeping temps reasonable.

This event brought out tons of the best runners in the state to the shore. Former college stars…

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Recovery Can Be Hard Work

Hard Work is the key to success in every physical endeavor from making a youth travel hockey team to completing an Iron Man Triathlon. Feeling sore for a day or two after a hard training session or competition is not only normal, but a sure sign that the individual is working hard enough to actually improve at the given task. However, keep in mind that there is a difference between “pain” and “soreness” and while soreness can be overcome with a variety of recovery techniques, “pain” should be treated by the appropriate medical professional as soon as possible.

Learning the difference between “pain” and “soreness” is an integral part of the training experience and the sooner an individual can differentiate between the two, the sooner they will be on their way to improved performance and attaining their goals.

While normal soreness can be addressed with a variety of protocols the goal is always the same: optimize the body’s natural healing …

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