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Which Presidential Candidate Would Win A 5K?

So it’s an election year. We hear tons of chatter about political races, who’s leading and who is dropping out. It got us to thinking…If our Presidential candidates did run a 5K race, who would win? This likely how it would go down:

7th Place – Chris Christie. Love him or hate him, he doesn’t exactly have that Kenyan body type. Gasses out 19 meters from the start line.

6th Place – Bernie Sanders. Drops to the ground at the 1 mile mark.  Still places first in the over 90 age group category.

5th Place – Hillary Clinton. She starts in the front of the pack, but eventually loses because of her limitations of running in a pantsuit.

3rd Place Tie – Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – Both die of boredom in the 2nd mile listening to each other speak.

2nd Place – The Don, Donald Trump – Although he is completely …

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There’s No Running Like Snow Running

As the Garden State gets completely dumped on with snow, many runners are likely suffering from some serious Cabin Fever. We have all been watching meteorologists yap endlessly about accumulation numbers and wind gusts. For many of residents, Sunday may be the perfect time for a post-snowstorm outdoor run.

There is something particularly crazy and particularly awesome about running in the snow. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Be careful. Cars are crazy to begin with. And they are even nuttier in a snowstorm. Plus, there isn’t much room on the roads.
  • Try to get on the news. Nothing surprises a dumb-ass news reporter when they are talking about how horrible the conditions than a runner trotting by them.
  • Wear shorts. You are going to be freezing anyway. It’s so much more impressive if you wear shorts.
  • Unfortunately, your favorite park or trail is likely the last thing that plow crews will get to
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