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Ohh Summer Half…Where Are You?

It’s become such a point of frustration for us that there are precious few half marathons in the summer months.  Why is this the case?  I’ve heard a handful of excuses like its too hot or its too hard to close streets in the summer.  But I think it’s all BS. We checked and basically every state has summer halfs, yet we only have a few.

Summer is the time when many of us are in the best shape.  Most runners in NJ have been running consistently since the Spring and for many of us, we are at our best come July and August.   There is also more daylight and time for us to focus, so I wish there were more opportunities to run a 13.1 race.  After all, it is the perfect distance.

We have even vetured outside of the friendly confines of the Garden State and run a few halfs in PA.  However, the races we did …

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