5 Best Things About Summer Running In NJ

After a rough spring for weather, we are just days away form Memorial Day and the official start of summer in the Garden State. So…we got to thinking about all the things that make summer running so awesome.  Here is our top 5. IMG_5002

5. Better weather A pretty obvious one.  But for those of us that remember going 5 layers deep in January, we certainly appreciate it.

4. Better Races The summer plays host to so many great races for us to choose from. There are a ton of kick-ass races held every summer that we all love such as the Westfield Pizza 5K, The Belmar 5, The Spring Lake 5 and tons more. spring lake 5 starting line crowd



3. Night Races Anyone that has read Runjersey over the past years knows that we simply dig night races. We aren’t sure exactly why, but we have more fun at them and we tend to run them faster. There are a handful of good night races this summer, but we want to see tons more.  berm2





2. Being Tanned Some of the writers at Runjersey look like we could play the lead in the movie “Powder” throughout


the winter. However, after getting in some sun-drenched summer miles, we bronze up and become even better looking.


1. Doing Cool Stuff After Races Seriously, whats better than enjoying a beach-side, post-race beverage and snack after an awesome morning (or evening) race?

chickies petes boardwalk run

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