Author - Corey Wagner

Top 5 Benefits Of Running With A Beard

“Don’t you get hot with that thing?”

“I tried it once, but it started to get itchy.”

Listen, there are only two types of runners without beards. Boys and women. I’m neither of those. I’ve also got science on my side. Here’s the top 5 reasons you’ll be shaving minutes off your PR if you stop shaving hair off your face.…

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Telecommute or Run… That is the Question for New Jersey

Does your company let you work from home? Do you wish they did?

It seems like a great deal for everyone. Employees cut down on the time they spend sitting in traffic and employers cut down on what they spend on rent.

The AT&T Labs Complex, situated in Middletown, NJ, has done its fair share of outsourcing and telecommuting over the years and are now experiencing some of the negative repercussions.…

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5k For 5th Grade

What better way to raise some cash for your 5th grade class? Judd Elementary School of North Brunswick, NJ is getting creative to help fund classroom activities.

If you live anywhere in the area, you should come out for the fun on Sunday, April 19th, Rain or Shine, to beautiful North Brunswick Community Park. …

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Everything in Moderation – Even Running?

A recent study has found that avid runners are just as likely to die young as couch potatoes.

Ok, it was a little more scientific than that… but the point was clear. There’s dangers associated with excessive running. Before we all get our panties in a knot, let’s see what The Regular Guy has to say about it.…

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How Many Miles Will You Run This January?

Running can sometimes be a little lonely… Finding the motivation to keep pushing towards a goal can often be difficult because it’s only you who can do the pushing.

Challenge Pals is a New Jersey-based startup who is changing all that by providing a fun and easy way for runners to increase accountability with their distance goals.…

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Guest Writing Opportunity

Do you Run?  Do you Write?

Run Jersey is opening the doors for Guest Writer applications!

There’s never been an easier way to get in front of the #1 New Jersey audience on the internet.

We’re looking for Running related topics and if it’s specific to our great state of New Jersey; then all the better!

Fill out our contact form telling us a little about yourself and what topic you would like to write about.



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