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Places to Run: Hartshorne Woods

With the exception of very north Jersey, we all know the garden state is as flat as a slice of uncooked pork roll. While flat is great for hitting your PR, it can leave us with something to be desired. Look no further than Hartshorne Woods Park for tons…

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A Different Kind of Race – The College Ave Mile (June 7th)

If you’re looking for a race that breaks the mold, The College Ave Mile is worth taking a look at. This Saturday evening will not only include 14 action-packed heats of one-mile sprints, but every racer will get to partake in a plethora of games and other post-race activities. …

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Pics n Vids from Spring Lake 5 Starting Line

Full screen video for higher quality.

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Summer Running – Are You Ready?

If you’ve been a part of an awesome race in Central NJ, there’s a good chance it was organized by the Jersey Shore Running Club.  This epic organization has been an impactful force throughout the running world in New Jersey.  JSRC also organizes group runs throughout the year that are highly recommended by us at  Enjoy the article below by Bob Both.

The bad weather is now behind us and we are starting to enjoy some great spring weather. It is the perfect time to get fit for summer. 

Running can be a healthy and fun way to stay fit and lose a couple of extra pounds for the summer as well. It is also one of the easiest sports to get involved in – you don’t need much special equipment or facilities – just a good pair of running shoes, shirt and shorts.

Tuesday, May 13, 6 p.m. Beginner’s Run Group, Wall – Spring Lake, N.J.

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