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Eight Tips to Survive Summer Training (Part 1)

As the mercury continues to rise on the thermometer, check out these great tips from Shannon McGinn, USTAF and RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach and the owner of Creating Momentum, LLC

In order to race at goal pace, we need to train at specific training paces. However, high heat and/or humidity can makes targeting the planned paces unrealistic. Heat and humidity increases training intensity. As a result, we do not actually need to nail those training paces in the worst of summer weather in order to have a shot at a great Fall race.

Below you will find the first 4 of 8 tips to help you survive summer training and still keep your training on track:…

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Common Mistakes Runners Make (Part 4) – Response

Kindly see this link for parts 1, 2 & 3 of this series explaining the first 3 common mistakes that new runners makes.

Part 4: The Response Mistake:  Ambitious Runners Often Train Through Pain

None of the prior mentioned mistakes (IntensityFrequency, Volume) matter if the body is in pain. Pain is a signal that the body has had enough or is not ready for more work. It cannot be ignored. …

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Common Mistakes The New Runner Makes (Part 3) – Volume

Kindly see this link for parts 1& 2 of this series explaining the first 2 common mistakes that new runners makes.

Part 3. The Volume Mistake: Ambitious Runners Often Train Too Far

Volume describes how much a runner trains. New runners often attempt too much for their fitness. This leads to disappointment as runs get cut short due to reasons like shortness breath or pain.

too much

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Common Mistakes New Runners Make (Part 1) – Intensity

New runners contact me for many reasons, often asking for help with pacing, breathing, and managing shin pain. However, most runners really need help with the same thing — creating a balanced training plan.

I build my plans around four main factors: (1) Intensity, (2) Frequency, (3) Volume , and (4) Response.

In most cases, when I help runners avoid making common mistakes in these areas, their original problems resolve, their enjoyment increases and their performance improves. Over the next 4 weeks, I will elaborate on each of the 4 factors. This week, I will focus on:…

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