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Ohh Summer Half…Where Are You?

It’s become such a point of frustration for us that there are precious few half marathons in the summer months.  Why is this the case?  I’ve heard a handful of excuses like its too hot or its too hard to close streets in the summer.  But I think it’s all BS. We checked and basically every state has summer halfs, yet we only have a few.

Summer is the time when many of us are in the best shape.  Most runners in NJ have been running consistently since the Spring and for many of us, we are at our best come July and August.   There is also more daylight and time for us to focus, so I wish there were more opportunities to run a 13.1 race.  After all, it is the perfect distance.

We have even vetured outside of the friendly confines of the Garden State and run a few halfs in PA.  However, the races we did …

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5 Best Things About Summer Running In NJ

After a rough spring for weather, we are just days away form Memorial Day and the official start of summer in the Garden State. So…we got to thinking about all the things that make summer running so awesome.  Here is our top 5. IMG_5002

5. Better weather A pretty obvious one.  But for those of us that remember going 5 layers deep in January, we certainly appreciate it.

4. Better Races The summer plays host to so many great races for us to choose from. There are a ton of kick-ass races held every summer that we all love such as the Westfield Pizza 5K, The Belmar 5, The Spring Lake 5 and tons more. spring lake 5 starting line crowd



3. Night Races Anyone that has read Runjersey over the past years knows that we simply dig night races. We aren’t sure exactly why, but we have more fun at them and we tend to run them faster. There are a handful of good …

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5th Annual Run With The Royals

Looking for a great early Spring race??? Head to Pier Village in Long Branch (arguably the Mecca of NJ running) on Saturday, April 9th for the 5th Annual Run with the Royals 5K. The course is flat and fast and hosts picturesque oceanfront views. Walkers are welcome and the 11 am start time gives you a chance to sleep late.  After you notch your PR, stop by the after-party at Celtic Cottage where runners will receive a9wel-deserved)  free drink. Proceeds will help St James School in Red Bank. To register or for more info, please go to

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Sheehan Classic Update

We received a lot of responses regarding the Sheehan Classic.  As per the JSRC press release (seen below), we are happy to announce that the Sheehan Classic will live on.


Asbury Park 5K 2015 Start.

The Sheehan Classic and Asbury Park race committees are happy to announce the merging of two great events, the Red Bank Sheehan Classic and the Asbury Park 5K will now be the Asbury Park Sheehan Classic. Both races have great traditions and we hope that the running community will continue to support this event. The 5K race and kid’s races will take place on Saturday August 13, 2016 in Asbury Park. Combining the twenty two year history of the Red Bank race with the twelve years of knowledge and constant growth of the Asbury Park 5K should produce one great race with an expected 3,000 participants.

Back to its roots, The George Sheehan Classic began in 1981 as the Asbury Park 10K Classic and quickly

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No Sheehan Classic This Year???

We were disappointed to learn that after years of a successful event, the George Sheehan Classic will not occur this year. The race was a high point for many runners due to it’s legendary finish through Red Bank’s Broad Street. It also commemorated George Sheehan, the Monmouth County-based physician who many believe to be the Godfather of recreational running in the country. IMG_7959The Sheehan Classic also marked 1 of 5 events in the Jersey Shore Grand Prix Series, a favorite among shore runners. The race also made our top 5 list of “Greatest Races in NJ” for the past 2 years.

While we are saddened by the news, we know that running in NJ continues to gain in popularity and other amazing races will fill our calendar.IMG_8001

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NYC Marathon Entry Deadline Nears

The TCS NYC Marathon is arguably the most iconic race on the planet and a sure bucket list item for any distance runner. The one drawback to this legendary race is that its very difficult to get in.

One way for guaranteed entry is to fund raise on behalf of an official sponsor like Fred’s Team or the Jimmy V Foundation. Or you could be one of the 2000 runners with a sub 3:10 that gets in.

But if you are trying to get in as part of the lottery, you better hurry. The deadline is Sunday, February 21. Having done this race 3 times, I can’t put into words how amazing this event is. The 4 am bus ride from Giants Stadium, taking the Verrazano with 50,000 others from around the globe and making the final turn (slightly uphill) in Central Park were experiences I will remember my entire life.

So go sign up today,get your New York on …

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Which Presidential Candidate Would Win A 5K?

So it’s an election year. We hear tons of chatter about political races, who’s leading and who is dropping out. It got us to thinking…If our Presidential candidates did run a 5K race, who would win? This likely how it would go down:

7th Place – Chris Christie. Love him or hate him, he doesn’t exactly have that Kenyan body type. Gasses out 19 meters from the start line.

6th Place – Bernie Sanders. Drops to the ground at the 1 mile mark.  Still places first in the over 90 age group category.

5th Place – Hillary Clinton. She starts in the front of the pack, but eventually loses because of her limitations of running in a pantsuit.

3rd Place Tie – Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – Both die of boredom in the 2nd mile listening to each other speak.

2nd Place – The Don, Donald Trump – Although he is completely …

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There’s No Running Like Snow Running

As the Garden State gets completely dumped on with snow, many runners are likely suffering from some serious Cabin Fever. We have all been watching meteorologists yap endlessly about accumulation numbers and wind gusts. For many of residents, Sunday may be the perfect time for a post-snowstorm outdoor run.

There is something particularly crazy and particularly awesome about running in the snow. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Be careful. Cars are crazy to begin with. And they are even nuttier in a snowstorm. Plus, there isn’t much room on the roads.
  • Try to get on the news. Nothing surprises a dumb-ass news reporter when they are talking about how horrible the conditions than a runner trotting by them.
  • Wear shorts. You are going to be freezing anyway. It’s so much more impressive if you wear shorts.
  • Unfortunately, your favorite park or trail is likely the last thing that plow crews will get to
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Our Interview With Pope Francis

We were so fortunate to have had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Pope Francis while he was in Philly. Many people may not realize what a huge runner the Pope is, so we chatted with him (and his translator) to learn more. So, Pope-ster, tell us about your visit to the states so far?

Pope Francis: It’s been great so far. The 3 cities I’ve been to seem like kick-ass places to run. How has your running been going over the last few years, since you’ve become the Pope?

Pope Francis: Well, to be honest, I have been running much slower. I think it’s mainly due to the large hats I have to wear all the time. They slow me down and the robes aren’t easy to run in either. That certainly makes sense. Does being Pope have any advantage for your running career? pope 2

Pope Francis: Ohh yeah, absolutely. If …

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