Back To Reality

So….. Christmas is over. New Years is over. Even if you had to go to work in the past 2 weeks, it probably lacked the intensity of a normal work week (unless you’re a reindeer).

For most of us adults with a job, these past two weeks were like the adult equivalent of summer vacation. Sorry to bear the bad news, but it’s all over. We’re now back to the grind. Back to traffic jams, sitting in cubicles, digging ditches, getting yelled at & filling out those dreaded TPS reports.

Many of us (yours truly included) may have missed a run or two over the past couple of weeks. We may have even helped ourselves to that second (or ninth) extra glass of egg-nog. We may have gotten on the bathroom scale today and did a double-take at the number we saw.

So, today it’s time to get your running shoes on and head to your favorite spot. You need to get 2015 off on the right foot. You need to hit it and hit it strong. It’s time to tackle that resolution and go be the awesome runner that you are.

Happy New Year… NOW GET AFTER IT!

happy 2015 runners

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