Back To School Means Back To Your Running Store

For many, September means it’s time to get a new school back-pack and it’s time sharpen your pencils.

As a runner, September is an important time, a pivotal time. Most of us don’t have the same flexibility in our schedule to get those miles in like we did throughout the summer. The weather is changing and it’s easy to be thinking about packing it in & taking it easy until next Spring.  WELL DON’T!!!

These are the best months to be a runner in NJ. The parks and beaches are far less crowded. The Dog Days of summer are behind us, plus there is still plenty of daylight to get your runs in. Also, there’s no better way to experience Autumn than to be out in nature and to watch the season change before your eyes. There are also a ton of great races upcoming in the next few months like the Jersey City Half, NYC Marathon, Philly Rock-n-Roll, LBI 18-miler, Navesink 15k, Philly Marathon Weekend along with tons of great Halloween runs and Turkey Trots.

So our advice to you… go get yourself some back to school running gear! Maybe those sneakers are in need of an upgrade. Go treat yourself to new shorts or a new long sleeve shirt. Go load up on GU’s or a new watch! You should head down to your local running store (perhaps our personal favorite: Runner’s High in Freehold or Metuchen) and splurge. You deserve it. Besides it’s 100% true that when you look good, you feel good (and you run well). See the experts at a great running store and have them help you out. It will provide you with that little extra sizzle to power you through a kick-ass fall running season. WOO!


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