Best Advice Ever For The NYC Marathon

So…you registered for the New York City Marathon, the greatest race on the planet.  You have trained, figured out your transportation plan and you are enjoying the taper with restless excitement, counting down the days.  The last thing you have to do is finalize that playlist so that the right song is cranking to help you push through the wall and meander through the rolling hills of Central Park.

We have a cool way for you to organize your music, ideally suited for NYC.  Since its the home of so many great artists, organize your playlist by Borough.  You can time it out so whatever Borough you are will have music playing from an artist from that Borough.

Here is how we are setting ours up:

Staten Island

When heading over the Verrazano Bridge, get your heart pumping with the Wu Tang Clan and some Method Man to start your race off strong.



The choices are endless for great Brooklyn artists for you, but remember that you are in Brooklyn for a long time.  Its time for Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Life of Agony  and the great Barbra Streisand.



Pass the half way point with Tony Bennett, 50 Cent, Run D.M.C. and Paul Simon.


The Bronx

So you are almost done, you need some good music to get your heart racing.  It’s time for Billy Joel, Fat Joe and of course Jenny from the block.



At this point, you need some good tunes to help you dig deep.  You have some options including Alicia Keys (she ran the race last year, BTW), Beastie Boys or Sinatra (even though he’s really from Hoboken).  Or for the final few miles, just pick any of the thousands of great songs about New York City.  DSCN1607

This is an exceptionally cool way to enjoy the marathon.  There are tons of other great New York artists, so if you don’t like our mix, you’ll have no trouble finding your own.


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