Best Christmas Gift Ever For A Runner!

I seldom purchase anything for myself that isn’t an absolute necessity. I generally stick to the essentials… food, water, gas, race fees and mortgage payments. However, earlier this year, I dropped the best fifty bucks I ever spent and you should too.

I purchased this (rather awesome) locker to be used for all my running gear. I had always struggled with where to put my smelly shoes, arm band, go-to running sweatshirt, hats, compression sleeves and my other running essentials. This locker turned out to be the perfect remedy. I keep it in my basement and go right to it before and after a run. It was absolutely the most brilliant thing I bought for myself this year.

I wholeheartedly recommend you track one down for yourself as I know you will completely thank me. “But where the heck do I find one of these awesome running lockers” you ask.  They are not easy to find, but they are certainly worth the pursuit. Look on Craig’s List, garage sales, E-bay and keep your eyes open when schools are doing some cleaning out. I found mine from a golf course in North Jersey, so it’s all about keeping your eyes open. You can purchase them new, but you want old, tough, weathered and gritty because that is what you are (except the old part).

They’re also awesome for other athletes – not just runners. I purchased a few for my hockey-playing nephews and my sister is thrilled. They now have a neat place for all their sticks, skates, pads and other stinky gear. In conclusion, go get yourself a locker right now… And the more ridiculously vintage it is – the cooler you are. Best of luck trying to track one down and be sure to share some pics with us (in the comments below) when you get one!



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