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Top 5 Benefits Of Running With A Beard

“Don’t you get hot with that thing?”

“I tried it once, but it started to get itchy.”

Listen, there are only two types of runners without beards. Boys and women. I’m neither of those. I’ve also got science on my side. Here’s the top 5 reasons you’ll be shaving minutes off your PR if you stop shaving hair off your face.…

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Top 10 Movies That Inspire Us To Run

Throwback Thursday…..TOP TEN MOVIE THAT INSPIRE YOU TO RUN: Kevin. H Callahan (AKA our Guy on the Couch)

Perhaps the only thing we enjoy better than running is sitting on our couch watching a movie about running. After more debate than a senate session, here is our top 10 movies that inspire us to run. Enjoy and let us know if we got it right or wrong!…

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Throwback Thursday: The Best Running Lie Ever Told

When we began preparing to launch, our little passion project that you are reading (and hopefully enjoying) right now, we looked everywhere we could to find good content that runners would want to read.  We relied on experts we knew, friends, running buddies, old colleagues and even our own families for the goal of providing us with material.  Our “ask” from all these folks was …

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Running With Your Dog – A Love / Hate Relationship

I love my dog. I swear.

After all, I must love her to take her out running with me as much as I do.

Lily is a special kind of dog. Not a special breed — she’s a Humane Society mutt. She’s simply a unique combination of athleticism, enthusiasm, loyalty and willingness. That’s a polite way of saying Lily loves to run, loves to run fast, and will drag you along for as long as you can keep up.

Do you have a four-legged running partner? Maybe some of this will sound familiar. …

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Top 10 Races In New Jersey

OK. So, we decided to unveil our ‘favorite races in NJ’ list. We’re sure that we’ll get beat up a bit about this, as folks always seem to be passionate about their favorite races. If we missed one, please feel free to make your case for it in the comments section. Well.. here goes!…

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The Runner’s Bucket List

For nearly two decades, I have studied and worked in the world of Recreation and Leisure Management. (In college, I was going to go Pre-Med, but I thought I would challenge myself with a Recreation and Leisure Management degree instead). There have…

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Top 10 Things That Annoy You At A Race

So, we all love participating in a great race. There is a always great sense of comraderie and a wonderful spirit of competition. Plus, it often pushes us towards achieving our personal best. Weather you are running an Ironman Triathlon or a local community 5K, these events are truly fun and they encompass the undefinable essence of the sport that we all love. That being said, there are some nuances that drive all of us runners completely nuts. There are a few little quirks present at every race that drive us to absolute madness. Let us know what you think, but here are the top 10:

10 The person with headphones on that is talking super loud. Quit whispering to your friend. 100 people just heard you tell them that you forgot to tape your nipples.   …

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Five Ways Yoga Will Make You A Better Runner

H26 At Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven.

H26 At Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven.

Jen Portman is the owner of Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven. She is also our Yoga guru here at After taking her Hot Yoga (H26) classes last year, we felt an immediate and obvious impact on our running. For more information on Jen and her amazing studio, please go to

Five Ways Yoga Can Make You a Better Runner

By Jen Portman

If you still think ‘updog’ and ‘downdog’ are canine commands, or that plank is something you walk off into the sea, you’re clearly missing the boat when it comes to the latest training techniques. More runners now understand the huge strides to be made by incorporating yoga in to their training regimen. So, if you want a leg up on your competition, or simply want to continue running comfortably into your golden years, you should consider yoga.  Here are five ways yoga can improve your running.…

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The Birthday Mile

by Mara Domanski.

Below is a wonderful contribution from our friend Mara, whose idea for “The Birthday Mile” has become somewhat contagious. It’s not only a celebration of running, but a celebration of life and its simple pleasures. Mara joins us as we invite all of our readers to enjoy running and make “The Birthday Mile” a part of your family’s tradition.

I grew up in Chanhassen, MN and was blessed to have parents whose professional careers revolved around what are typically considered extra-curriculars in most families.  My mother is a talented musician who teaches piano and voice lessons.  My father enjoyed a long tenure as a physical education teacher and a coach of all sports, and still substitute teaches, coaches and referees at 74 years of age.  So in addition to much exposure in music and the arts, sports were huge in my household growing up.   You can imagine how wonderful this was for me as a young girl, …

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