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Running Spotlight: GP Pearlberg

We recently had a fascinating conversation with one of the most inspiring and charismatic personalities in the running world, GP Pearlberg. It’s impossible to describe this man in a few words but in trying, we’d say… runner, author, announcer, coach, MC & we could probably list about 50 more adjectives and still not give him proper justice. In short, he is a passionate ambassador to the running world.

His running story starts…

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Team Kevin Strive: Breaking Barriers for Kids Unable to Run on Their Own

We may not always realize it, but running is an incredible gift. It’s the body’s most ancient expression of freedom and if you’re like us, you couldn’t imagine life without it. Sadly, many of us never get the opportunity to cross the finish line. This is a reality that Team Kevin Strive is refusing to face……

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Charity Spotlight: Mary’s Place By The Sea

We here at are fortunate to meet a ton of great charities and organizations. It’s wonderful to get to know so many people who are running to support a cause that they are passionate about. This past week, we met a group that we found particularly exceptional. Mary’s Place By The Sea, is an organization that empowers women to take part in their own healing and recovery from Cancer. We spoke to several women …

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Spotlight On… Move For Hunger

Growing up in a NJ-based family that owned a moving company, Adam Lowy was no stranger to loading trucks and packing boxes. All too frequently, he noticed that tons of food got thrown away when folks were moving. Adam snapped into action to make sure that food got onto the table of hungry families instead of the bottom of a landfill. Fast forward 5 years and his passion project is now Move For Hunger, a company thriving in 48 states and Canada. They’ve fed more than 2.6 million families and their reach is growing tremendously.

IMG_1965.JPG chatted with Adam (the company’s founder and CEO) and Emily Cebulski who works on the West Coast for Move For Hunger. The twosome proudly boasted a growing network of 600 + moving companies they’re currently partnered with as well as the 3 million pounds of food they delivered last year. The team also works with organizations to coordinate food drives throughout the

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Spotlight On.. Andrew Sheehan

Author of The Essential Sheehan

The New Must Read by Andrew Sheehan.

The New Must Read by Andrew Sheehan.

“Sweat cleanses from the inside.  It comes from a place a shower will never reach.” – Dr. George Sheehan.

If you are a recreational runner in this country, you owe a debt of gratitude to George Sheehan.  George Sheehan is the William Shakespeare of running.  He was out pounding the pavement and spreading the values of running years before the running boom of the 1970’s swept the nation.

What started as a side gig covering the 1968 Mexico Olympics for the NJ based Red Bank Register eventually lead to becoming the medical editor of Runner’s World, a handful of brilliant books, speaking engagements and by in-large made Sheehan the godfather of running in this country. Aside from being an author, he was no slouch on the race course either.  His accolades include notching 21 consecutive Boston Marathon finishes and a 4:47 minute mile at age 50 (the over 50 world record at the time). (more…)

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