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Top 5 Benefits Of Running With A Beard

“Don’t you get hot with that thing?”

“I tried it once, but it started to get itchy.”

Listen, there are only two types of runners without beards. Boys and women. I’m neither of those. I’ve also got science on my side. Here’s the top 5 reasons you’ll be shaving minutes off your PR if you stop shaving hair off your face.…

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Top 10 Movies That Inspire Us To Run

Throwback Thursday…..TOP TEN MOVIE THAT INSPIRE YOU TO RUN: Kevin. H Callahan (AKA our Guy on the Couch)

Perhaps the only thing we enjoy better than running is sitting on our couch watching a movie about running. After more debate than a senate session, here is our top 10 movies that inspire us to run. Enjoy and let us know if we got it right or wrong!…

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Top 3 Energy Bars for Runners + GIVEAWAY!

Sometimes big things do come in small packages. These little treats are sure to pack a nice, healthy boost of energy either before or during a strenuous run.
With dozens of new energy bars popping up on the market every year, how does one choose which ones to try?
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Top 10 Races In New Jersey

OK. So, we decided to unveil our ‘favorite races in NJ’ list. We’re sure that we’ll get beat up a bit about this, as folks always seem to be passionate about their favorite races. If we missed one, please feel free to make your case for it in the comments section. Well.. here goes!…

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10 Tips For People Who Hate To Run

By: Beth Risdon

Often people tell me they hate running. Or, they tell me they aren’t good at it. Let’s face it – the real reason people don’t like running is that they are uncomfortable when they run. I say, no sh*t you are uncomfortable when you run. Most of us are. The fact is – running is tough. That is why if you listen to people around you who are running they are breathing hard and groaning and sometimes cussing.…

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10 Huge Tips For Your Next Race

Rob C

By Robert Cavanaugh


You have logged many miles over the past few months, and now it’s time for that big race. You may have no idea on what to expect, but by following a few running guidelines you will have a successful race experience.  Many experienced runners will say that the last 24 to 48 hours before the race is the most crucial time.

These 10 tips will ensure you run your best race and help you reach the finish line with a smile on your face:

1. Cutting down miles prior to race: Leading up to race day, your running mileage should decrease. Your training is complete, and now it’s time for your legs to get ready. The day before your race you should go for a 15-20 minute run, focusing on form and staying loose. Following your jog, make sure you get a good stretch in. (more…)

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