Chasing Greatness: A Chat With Fox/My 9 Reporter Tara Jakeway

For many Jersey residents, we end our day with Chasing News (on Fox or My 9), a fast-paced, edgy news broadcast focused on the events in and around our area. The highlight for most viewers are the appearances and stories by the spunky, yet incredibly brilliant Tara Jakeway. Jakeway captivates the audience each night, highlighting the show with her effervescent charm.

The young journalist is not only on her way to stardom as she brings us the top stories, but she is also an avid runner (to put it mildly), so we sat down with her to get her thoughts on the sport of running and tons more.

RunJersey: So, Ms. Tara, tell us where the running career all started for you.


Tara & Mom as part of the NYRR campaign.

Tara J: (Without hesitation) I owe all the credit to my Mom. She is an incredible woman who has run 9 marathons. At age 8, Mom signed me up for the New York Road Runners Club where we did 5K’s all around the city. We ran one event, at the Bronx Zoo, in which a photographer took our picture and the NYRR used it to promote the sport all around the city. Our picture was on buses and subways as part of their A Race For Every Pace initiative. That early love led me to HS Cross Country and later provided me the honor to run Division 1 for the Blue Hens at University of Delaware.

RunJersey: What is it that you love about running?

Tara J: It’s tough to explain. It’s the state I get to while running, where I feel like the whole world melts away. Running gives me an opportunity to focus on me. Its just me and the earth connecting.

RunJersey: What do your training weeks look like these days?

Tara J: I try to run 4-6 times per week. Anything less is very disappointing. I try to get up in the morning and do it first thing, fitting it in around researching the overnight news. I definitely prefer getting outside and hitting the pavement, but I will run on the treadmill if I have to so I can prep for my morning conference call.

RunJersey: What is your favorite running moment?

Tara J: A great moment for me was running in the 2011 NYC Marathon, specifically the starting line. I was surrounded by people from all cultures, all walks of life, from all around the globe. All these people coming together for one love of running. As we started, they played Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”. It was a perfect NY moment; I’m getting the chills right now thinking about it.


Tara representing the Blue Hens at the University of Delaware.

RunJersey: Whats the next big event for you?

Tara J: The NYC Triathlon or possibly the New Jersey Marathon next May.

RunJersey: How do you manage it all? Running, career, personal life, etc?

Tara J: Well, it’s important to make time for it & make time for yourself. Because I ran in college, my time management comes from running. Running has taught me to manage my time, so I can do everything else in my life to the best of my ability. Plus my job allows me the flexibility to have time to do it.

RunJersey:  What advice do you for the novice/newbie runner out there?

Tara J: (Christopher) McDougall’s book Born to Run tells us that we are innately meant to run. We have a fire that burns within. We just need to engage with it. Running is for everyone. There are no costs. No Stigmas. No discrimination. Just get out there and run! The track is the the world and its free for everyone. . .Find that special place; that will give you the strength to be the best person you can be. It will change your life. Lastly, it’s never to late to start.

A few minutes chatting with Tara was nothing short of inspirational. Her unrelenting passion for our sport was infectious. Be sure to watch her Chasing News weekdays on MY9 at 10PM, also seen on Fox 5 at 1am & Fox 29 at 12am.

Also, be sure to follow Tara on Twitter at: @chasingtaraj


Tara (pictured center) in action.









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