Great Hot Yoga Classes This Weekend & All Summer From Our Friends at Synergy

Bonjour Mes Amis!
Freshly back from biking through the vineyards of Provence for my husband’s birthday, we had rolling hills, spectacular vistas, delicious wine, croissants every morning and 100 degrees every day. The heat made riding difficult …. but for me…. not so much- the benefits of hot yoga follow us everywhere!
If you think doing hot yoga in the summer is silly or dosn’t  make sense, think again. It actually makes the summers much more bearable by “teaching” your body to cool itself more efficiently and arming you with coping tools (focus, concentration, acceptance,  deep breathing.) When you first walk into the yoga room, it dosn’t feel much hotter than outside- piece of cake! When you leave the yoga room, the outside feels so cool- best of both worlds! Just remember to hydrate properly and replenish electrolytes after every class.  (and maybe a little French wine wouldn’t hurt, n’est-ce pas?)

Schedule Changes
On the 4th of July, we’ll have a special 6 am PV class, and an 8 am  Hot 26,  so you can get out and enjoy the day.  There is no evening class.  Moving forward, through July and August, the Tuesday 10:30 Hot 26 will go on hiatus until September, and the Sunday 10 am Hot 26 will become a shorter one hour class so you can get to the beach sooner.

For more info, be sure to go to  As Yoga novices and Hot Yoga rookies, the team signed up for one of Synergy’s classes a few months back. We found it to be an amazing experience. They were tremendously accommodating and the effect a few classes has made on our running has been obvious. We encourage all of readers (both of you) to try a class at Synergy and let us know what you think. Also be sure to check out some great articles for runners from the Synergy team: I’m Not Flexible – I Can’t Do Yoga & Five Ways Yoga Will Make You a Better Runner.



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