Is Skiing The Winter Equivalent Of Running?

OK. It’s been 12 degrees outside for weeks and every sidewalk, trail and road is covered with snow. No matter how hard-core of a runner you are, (admit it) you aren’t logging the miles in winter that you do during the rest of the year. Doing other athletic activities is certainly good for you… and it’s good for your running. However, the question is…

Is Skiing the winter equivalent of running?  Let’s examine that one.

The Yes Rationale. Skiing Is The Winter Equivalent Of Running Because:

  • In both sports, a speedy 7-year old can fly past you and instantly lower your self esteem.
  • It’s mandatory that you enjoy a post-game adult beverage afterwards.skiing 3
  • Both activities involve you doing a sport for a few hours and than talking about it excessively for the following few days. (In skiing, you talk about your 12 runs on the chairlift, the ski lodge, the ride home and to all your Facebook friends-and they really care).
  • Twenty minutes after you start either activity you think to yourself: “I should have stretched more.”
  • Both leave you with that “good soreness” that you all sort-of love the next day.
  • Both involve a relentless runny nose.
  • By Skiing and Running in extreme weather conditions, you have your friends and family calling you a crazy person.

The NO Camp. Skiing Is NOT The Winter Equivalent Of Running Because:

  • Skiers have better outfits.
  • Running girls are better looking. Well at least… you can tell they’re better looking since they have less layers on.
  • NJ has the best running spots on the globe but the shittiest Ski spots. (Sorry Mountain Creek)
  • In running, you get progressively worse with age and with skiing, you get better.

So, there you have our take. Skiing is, in fact, the winter equivalent of the sport we all love (when it’s not 12 degrees out). Agree? Disagree?  Leave a comment!

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