Jersey’s Running Phenom… Dylan Capwell

If you haven’t yet heard the name Dylan Capwell, you soon will! The Monmouth University Sophomore is beginning to turn heads, not just on the West Long Branch campus, but amongst the best runners in the nation.

Capwell  broke the MU record for the 1000 meters in his first attempt, formerly held by Ford Palmer, posting an astonishing 2:23:15. He has his sights set on far more, including a top 5 national placing in the 800, his favorite event.

As impressive of a runner Dylan is, he is equally likeable off of the track as we quickly learned when he took time out to talk shop with the Run Jersey squad. A big family man, Dylan’s decision to attend MU was based in part to the ability for his relatives to attend as many meets as possible. That support group includes his ultra-supportive grandparents, mother Kathy, sister Ariel(also an NCAA runner) &  his father Scott (a youth cross-country coach).

MU proved to be the perfect choice for the young athlete. He quickly praised MU assistant coach Chris Tarello stating that they work very well together. “I love his (Tarello’s) intensity. I’m the kind of runner that wants to know if I did something wrong and how to fix it and he certainly tells me. He’s a great coach to run for.” Similar praises for were conveyed for Monmouth’s soft spoken head coach Joe Compagni as well as his Hopatcong HS coach and mentor, Mike Juskus- a big name in the NJ running scene since his legendary days at Rowan.

The feedback was mutual as Tarello described Capwell, stating “Simply put, he is by far, physically, the most talented runner and athlete I have ever coached. And the determination and fearlessness he exhibits in his races is second to none. He still has certain qualities that he needs to develop in order to achieve his full potential. I feel he will certainly develop those with age, and because he will, Dylan will be a name in the middle distance world that you will hear for quite some time”.

Capwell talked with us through his pre-race process. The day before a race consists of downing as much Gatorade or water as possible noting “I have to stay hydrated”. Race day prep includes about 60 minutes of warm-ups, a late bagel or PB&J and of course, the mandatory listening to the 1980’s classic hit Hungry Like The Wolf”. After that, his races have proven to be nothing short of amazing.

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To help him achieve his lofty goals, Capwell’s training is extremely progressive. Much of his training is based on heart rate zones as many of his workouts require him to stay within specific heart rate ranges dcfor designated periods of time while training. He also works successfully with renowned exercise physiologist, Shannon Grady who has elevated him to the next level.

The sky is truly the limit for this hungry, intensely-focused young athlete. His Freshmen campaign led him to the hallowed running grounds of Eugene, Oregon’s Haywood Field for the NCAA Championships. This year is shaping up to be equally impressive, as well. If you are a fan of running on any level, be sure to get yourself to West Long Branch and watch this impressive, goodhearted MU Hawk in action!

Tarello summed it up best in his closing remarks, “Dylan loves racing people. He thrives off toeing the line to see who is best on that given day. It’s that attribute that is really what will take Dylan far”.

Editor’s Note: A special and sincere thanks to Monmouth University Athletics for their cooperation in regards to our piece. We deeply appreciate the behind-the scenes access to this exceptional program. Above photos also courtesy of MU Athletics. 

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