No Sheehan Classic This Year???

We were disappointed to learn that after years of a successful event, the George Sheehan Classic will not occur this year. The race was a high point for many runners due to it’s legendary finish through Red Bank’s Broad Street. It also commemorated George Sheehan, the Monmouth County-based physician who many believe to be the Godfather of recreational running in the country. IMG_7959The Sheehan Classic also marked 1 of 5 events in the Jersey Shore Grand Prix Series, a favorite among shore runners. The race also made our top 5 list of “Greatest Races in NJ” for the past 2 years.

While we are saddened by the news, we know that running in NJ continues to gain in popularity and other amazing races will fill our calendar.IMG_8001

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Skip Haggerty
  • grandprixalumn

    Mr. Haggerty, were you able to find out why this race left Red Bank and has been combined with the Asbury Park 5k? I am also interested to know the impact this has the Jersey Shore Golden Gran Prix. I have finished the Grand Prix for the last 5 years and it provides great motivation to keep training, with a new race to look forward to every month. Any Chance Run Jersey takes on sponsoring the series? I think replacing the Sheehan classic with the Avon 5k would be the perfect swap. Really interested to know more about this story……..

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