The Spring Lake 5! An Iconic Event To Kick-Off Summer!

Is there anything better than Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey Shore? Probably not, but maybe the only thing better is running the Spring Lake 5…with 10,000 other friends.sp5 533

Friday night’s grey skies and sogginess gave way to a glimpse of sunshine and some decent running conditions by the time the legendary 5-mile trek kicked off. The moment the pistol fired, New Jersey’s summer unofficially began. What seemed like an endless sea of runners filled Ocean Ave heading north towards Belmar. The excitement was taste-able as both the runners as well as the crowd were in great spirits for the legendary event. The race is categorized as one of the top 100 races in the country, but from everyone we spoke to, it’s number 1.

We find the Spring Lake 5 to be such a unique race. Not only does it unofficially kick-off summer in a place we all want be, but there were so many sidebars that enhance the …

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Happy Bearded Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of RunJersey’s Founding Fathers, Corey W! The true technical brains of our little operation here, Corey turns twenty-something today. Take a break from fixing glitches and enjoy yourself, Corey.

Speaking of birthdays, check out our article from a few weeks ago on The Birthday Mile, an awesome running tradition.…

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Hot Dogs, Apple Pie And The Spring Lake 5

The temperature is beginning to rise and the days are getting longer. More importantly, this weekend is the Spring Lake 5, a truly iconic race that unofficially kicks off summer for all of us. It’s been a Memorial Day weekend tradition since 1977. Approximately 10,000 runners (all who woke up early a few months back to get in) will line up for this year’s event. It promises to be another great one and we wish you all a great race..

RunJersey will be on hand, so be sure to look for us and introduce yourself. We will also have our mascot JOG-SEY there as well. Feel free to grab a sticker or take a picture with him. Best of luck to you all. Enjoy your race and of course enjoy your post race summer cocktail. It was a long winter getting here!

JOGSEY is in town!

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Need Sneakers or gear??? Check out Runners High in Metuchen or Freehold!!!

Frankly, in running…your footwear is too important. Deciding on the right sneakers is truly a science and you need an expert to assist you pick out the right pair for your running style. For sneaks & all your running needs, stop by Runner’s High and mention (so they buy us beer). They have been huge for us and they will be huge for you. Here is a great video that highlights a brief taste of their awesomeness.

Top 10 Things That Annoy You At A Race

So, we all love participating in a great race. There is a always great sense of comraderie and a wonderful spirit of competition. Plus, it often pushes us towards achieving our personal best. Weather you are running an Ironman Triathlon or a local community 5K, these events are truly fun and they encompass the undefinable essence of the sport that we all love. That being said, there are some nuances that drive all of us runners completely nuts. There are a few little quirks present at every race that drive us to absolute madness. Let us know what you think, but here are the top 10:

10 The person with headphones on that is talking super loud. Quit whispering to your friend. 100 people just heard you tell them that you forgot to tape your nipples.   …

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Red Bank Tri Makes A Great Splash

It seems like just weeks ago we were shoveling snow throughout the Garden State. And now, triathletes are hitting the waters reminding us that summer is almost here. The setting was the Red Bank Triathlon and the event was a great one. Over 700 athletes bravely entered the swim at Red Bank’s Marine Park where the water temperatures were in the 60’s. They would also meander their way on a picturesque course throughout Middletown, Holmdel and Red Bank. The race features 2 distances, the sprint triathlon and the Olympic distance.  After the race, we spoke with participants of both distances, all noting that it was a phenomenal race.
We invite you to put a triathlon on your running To-Do List. For the first-timer, some races (The Red Bank Tri, for example) offer a pre-race talk the day before the event. This is intended to answer any questions, discuss the course and get the novice prepared and comfortable for a safe …

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Pennington 5K. The Perfect Community Race!!!

Perfect!  No other word could describe it. The 38th annual Pennington 5K, sponsored by the Hopewell Valley YMCA and the Municipal Alliance, brought out hundreds of runners, kids and spectators for a perfect run on a perfect day. The day kicked off with a spectacular performance by Pennington’s acapella group, Combrio setting the tone for an unforgettable day. Mayor Anthony Persichilli put it best “Its great …

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The Phrase: “I Am Not A Runner”

Runner DefFor the past few 6 years, some staff members here at have taught a class called Couch to 5K. The class is geared for the novice runner including many participants who had little or (often) no running experience whatsoever. The participant’s goal was to train for and participate in a 5k race by starting out slowly and progressing the distance over time. The class met twice a week and participants were given a running “homework assignment” to be completed each weekend. It was a true pleasure to teach the class and it converted so many rookies into experienced runners who would usually enjoy the sport for the rest of their lives.

Inevitable, when folks registered for the class or within the first few sessions, nearly everyone uttered the same self-deprecating sentiments “I am not a runner”. The phrase always makes us shake our heads, when we hear it. We hear it far too often. Even the veteran, more-seasoned runner …

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Got Motivation??? The Jersey Shore Tri Gals Sure Do!!!

They have been training and motivating triathlon women since their inception in 2004 and the group continues to grow. Danskin 2007 Group 7What started over a bottle of wine (as so many great ideas often do) has evolved into something of real greatness. That bottle (or 2) of wine was shared by the group’s founding members, Pam Mancuso, Bonnie Cooper and Gayle Stamer (pictured below). Ten years later, none of these 3 ladies have let up one bit on the idea they had that evening. The foundation started when the first cork was popped and the three women (1 swimmer, 1 biker and 1 runner) committed to running their first triathlon. More importantly, they wanted to do it together. The three novices enlisted the services of friend and trainer Big Al McCarin for his insight. Under Al’s tutelage the trio ran, biked and swam their way to glory during the 2004 Danskin Tri on Sandy Hook. The experience left them with an immense …

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