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With the exception of very north Jersey, we all know the garden state is as flat as a slice of uncooked pork roll. While flat is great for hitting your PR, it can leave us with something to be desired. Look no further than Hartshorne Woods Park for tons of elevation change and 16+ miles of winding trails to give you a run for your money.

GPS300 Navesink Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

If you haven’t yet discovered this hilly oasis, you’re in for a rude awakening. Be sure to leave the watch at home, because you’ll be embarrassed by your pace. Experiment with mixing up the different levels of trails that are offered.

Green Circles: Easy Trails for walking.

Blue Squares: Moderate Trails for hikers, equestrians and all-terrain bicycles.

Black Diamonds: Challenging Trails for experienced hikers, equestrians and all-terrain bicyclists.

Hartshorne horse bike walk sign

Yes, you can even bring your Arabian Horse along for the trek if you feel so inclined. Or if black labs are more your thing, there’s no better place to run with your dog than Hartshorne Woods. While you’re expected to keep your pup leashed at all times, it seems pretty common place to let them loose once you get into the park, as long as they “play well with others”.

Hartshorne with dog Hartshorne dog bowl

If it’s your first time, heck if it’s your 20th time, be sure to grab a trail map at either of the entrances. It’s all too easy to lose your way out there.

Hartshorne woods trail map


Out of all of the beautiful running spots that our great state has to offer, I personally cannot recommend a better place to run than Hartshorne Woods Park. It’s a must see!


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