Places To Run: Tillman Ravine To Buttermilk Falls

We will be the first to admit that even our best description does not do this location justice! There is literally an endless wilderness of great trails, waterfalls, hidden spots and purely breathtaking views throughout both Stokes State Forest & The Delaware Water Gap. There are tons of great trails and back-country roads to explore as well. Here at RunJersey, we simply wanted to highlight our favorite run but we encourage you to channel your inner Christopher Columbus and go exploring for yourself. Make sure to bring a trail map (a paper one b/c your cell phone may not work). Other great trails nearby include Military Trail, Swenson Trail, Tinsley Trail, Parker Trail and tons more.

Our favorite run in this park is Tillman’s Ravine to Buttermilk Falls. It’s a 2.55 mile trek each way and we recommend parking at Tillman Ravine’s first lot, also known as the Eastern or upper lot. IMG_4077The trail meanders up and down a few hills and over bridges as you run parallel to the rushing sounds of Tillman Brook. The main trail leads you to a gravel road which you want to turn right onto. (If you turned left, one of the coolest/spookiest graveyards is right next to you-it’s IMG_4067worth a look). The gravel road descends modestly and leads you towards Buttermilk Falls. The falls can vary from a faucet like drip to a raging flow depending on the recent rainfall. We prefer to head back to the lot via the same route. However, if you really want to get your heart pumping, you do have the option of climbing the 200 + stairs to the waterfall’s summit. The view and close-up glimpse of the raging falls from above is certainly worth the burning in your calves.IMG_4049

Again, this area of our state is truly a hidden gem with endless possibilities. Feel free to explore our favorite trail or try them all and figure out your favorite.

Editor’s note: the waterfall is exquisite, however the three times we went to photograph it were during dry periods and the photos didn’t do it justice. Therefore, we choose to omit the photo from our article.



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