Race Preview: This Sunday’s LBI 18 Miler

Are you doing a fall marathon? If so, you absolutely need to do the LBI 18 Miler this Sunday! Even if you aren’t doing a fall full, this race is one that will give you some serious bragging rights to your running peers.

The race enters its 43rd (that’s right, forty-third) year. It was started to commemorate the Israeli athletes slain by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics and also pays respect to the thousands who lost their loves on September 11th.

In addition to the great causes the race honors, the 18-mile distance and the amazing setting provide for a perfect race! The race course extends the full length of LBI from South to North, finishing at the Barnegat lighthouse.

We caught up with Mike Thompson, race organizer from the St. Francis Community Center to get his thoughts. Mike was bursting with excitement as we discussed this race. “It started with runners coming together in honor of the events of the 1972 Munich Games. It’s a great event. It’s flat, straight and basic. There are no hills either.”lbi 18

We asked Mike for some advice for this race (for both veteran’s and newbies) and he shared the following points:

  • Arrive early
  • Relax in the center’s big (indoor) gymnasium
  • Use the shuttle bus system (To the start & after the finish)

We at Runjersey.com absolutely love this race. It’s a nostalgic flashback to the LBI summers from year’s past. The timing of the event is also perfect for a fall distance run and it serves as a tune-up for lbi183the NYC or Philly Marathons. It’s a flat, quick, straight, no-BS type of run and we truly love it.

You can still register and find more information here:  http://stfranciscenterlbi.org/special-events/18-mile-run

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