No-Drinking January Challenge Completed

I don’t want to make it seem like I just joined the Peace Corps or solved the energy crisis here. However, I did complete the DRY-UARY (No drinking in January) monthly challenge. My motivation for trying it was two-fold…

1. From Thanksgiving through New Years, I drank like a college Freshman on Spring Break.

2. We needed a good winter article for

So, I’m sure that my fans (both of them) want to know how it went. First off, I’m proud to say that we (my lady and I) completed it and never cheated one bit. Not a sip of vino in church or a glass of champagne for the toast at a wedding. Not a drop (and it was the NFL playoffs, so it wasn’t easy).

After 1 month, I can’t sit here and say that my life is dramatically different or that I shaved 60 seconds off my best mile. I will say that a few (small potatoes) things happened in the last month.

For The Good:

  1. I definitely spent less money throughout the month. We went out to dinner much less often. And when we went to a fancy restaurant (like Chili’s) the bill was half what it used to be.
  2. I also had more energy, particularly on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I do my longer runs. Away from running, my to-do list got done almost every day.
  3. I did lose 5-6 pounds without altering my diet in any way. And I still consume more fast food and Dr. Pepper than anyone on the planet.

So, I am not going to stand on my soapbox for too long. However, I will say that it is a cool beer runnerexperiment to take a month hiatus from the sauce. You may save a few bucks and feel a little more energetic. It may provide that extra fuel for you to crush that next running goal you have.

Best of luck to anyone that is trying Dry February or any other month long sobriety challenge. In the meantime, myself and the rest of the Run Jersey team are all back off the wagon, so you can certainly buy us a beer and tell us how great the website is.  Sorry about the last line… that must be the booze talking.  


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About the author

Charlie Hoffmann

    I did a one-month “off the sauce” challenge a few years ago and it went well. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it 🙂

  • Scott

    I usually lose the booze for a month or even two when I’m training for a goal race. It definitely keeps me stay focused (because I don’t go out as much, don’t stay out late, and don’t get hangovers), it helps me cut weight which helps me run faster, and of course it helps with the budget so I have more money to spend on future races. Wins all around. I would definitely recommend trying it for anyone in serious training.

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