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This piece comes to us from guest contributor, Emily Cebulski. Emily is a special corespondent for us who heads up the race team for Move For Hunger, an amazing international charity started right here in NJ!


If you’ve been at any kind of endurance race in the past five years, you’ve probably come across the scores of dedicated charity runners. With matching t-shirts, noise makers, and inspirational messages, it’s pretty difficult to ignore the amount of charitable causes that use races as a fundraiser. So, what is the allure of racing for a charity? Should you lace up those shoes for someone or something else this next race? Here’s why joining the charity bandwagon can be good for you, on and off the course.

Move For Hunger Race Team!

Move For Hunger Race Team!


By choosing a charity to run for, you’re automatically making a difference! Take for example New Jersey’s own Move For Hunger in Neptune. This amazing charity works with the relocation industry to deliver unwanted and nonperishable food to our local food banks. By fundraising with their race team, members are literally turning miles into meals! Dedicating an event to a specific cause enables athletes to help just by doing what they love to do – run.m4hung


No good deed should go unnoticed, and that is certainly the case with charity running. For the majority of fundraising programs, participants are enticed by the great incentives. A free race entry, quality running gear, and personalized training support are just some of the perks that a charity runner can enjoy. With all of this, it’s no wonder that so many athletes have gone the charitable route.


It’s no surprise, but those who contribute to others are some of the most inspirational and giving people around. Being on a charity team guarantees that you will be surrounded by some generous individuals. No matter the cause, charity camaraderie is always evident all along the course.

Whether it is a marathon, triathlon, ride or walk, dedicating your race to charity is a noble way to make your miles count. So when you’re planning out your race schedule, try the charity route – others will thank you!

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