Running Through French Wineries and Caribbean Beaches! Sound Fun?

Do you like running? Would it be more fun if you ran through 59 breathtaking wineries in the French Countryside?  Would it be more fun running past pink sand beaches and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean?

If you think so, you need to check out let’s run the world. They provide a unique and exciting way to run in amazing destinations across the globe. Led by Joe Gigas, a legend in the New Jersey running scene, the aim is to provide marathon du2a once-in-a-lifetime running experience for you to enjoy. Gigas, who also serves as the race director for the NJ Marathon, assists runners with their training and coordinates the travel so runners can experience an amazing race in an unforgettable place.

Among the list for this year’s races were the Marathon Du Medoc of France (a race in which most runners wear a costume)& The Bermuda Full/Half/10K. The options for 2015 races are still being planned, so check their website for more information and details. There will certainly be some destinations that would be a dream to run through.

Joe Gigas has an unyielding passion for running that is as deep and heartfelt as anyone we have ever met. It gives the man such an overwhelming sense of joy to provide uplifting experiences to people through our beloved sport. He is truly a cheerleader and an ambassador for running. He also has developed several initiatives throughout the state aimed to promote youth running as well as overall health and well-being to individuals of all fitness levels. Let’s Run The World provides Joe with a chance to coach, encourage others and share his love of running to more individuals. Gigas is a certified endurance running coach provides training guidance to runners as they prepare for this incredible races. There is still time and YOU can certainly be on of those people next year.marathon berm2

Likely, many runners are currently making their goals for 2015 and are choosing some of their can’t-miss races for next year. If you are, be sure to connect with Joe and his Let’s Run The World team. Adding one of these incredible opportunities to your race list will be an experience you will never forget.


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