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Nothing Says Summer Like The Belmar 5

When I was 6 years old, my mom took me to see the Belmar 5 and I instantly knew I wanted to be a runner. Those speedy athletes gliding through the sun-drenched streets of my favorite beach town were like Gods to me. Later, a family friend gave me his race bib, which I proudly (and perhaps nerdishly) wore every time I jogged. Years later, I still garner the same youthful exuberance for this tremendous race.…

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Running The New Jersey Boardwalks

Every New Jerseyan has spent some time walking on the iconic boardwalks of the famous New Jersey shore.  The boardwalk has provided lasting memories for all of us…Losing all your money trying to win a giant stuffed animal, drinking beers and passing out after the prom, consuming giant pizza slices or gazing at the breathtaking views.  For so many of us, the Jersey shore boardwalk holds tons of great memories.  It is also a 100% CAN’T-MISS running location for any RunJersey.com reader.


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