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Legendary Man. Unforgettable Race. The George Sheehan Classic!

George Sheehan… a man that truly exemplifies greatness in the sport we all love. This weekend’s George Sheehan Classic 5K was an event that certainly lived up to the legend. Many participants that we spoke with felt that this race was a special one, a sentiment that we certainly agreed with. The runners generally seemed prideful to run in a race that celebrates a running legend with local ties.…

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10 Huge Tips For Your Next Race

Rob C

By Robert Cavanaugh


You have logged many miles over the past few months, and now it’s time for that big race. You may have no idea on what to expect, but by following a few running guidelines you will have a successful race experience.  Many experienced runners will say that the last 24 to 48 hours before the race is the most crucial time.

These 10 tips will ensure you run your best race and help you reach the finish line with a smile on your face:

1. Cutting down miles prior to race: Leading up to race day, your running mileage should decrease. Your training is complete, and now it’s time for your legs to get ready. The day before your race you should go for a 15-20 minute run, focusing on form and staying loose. Following your jog, make sure you get a good stretch in. (more…)

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