Team Kevin Strive: Breaking Barriers for Kids Unable to Run on Their Own

We may not always realize it, but running is an incredible gift. It’s the body’s most ancient expression of freedom and if you’re like us, you couldn’t imagine life without it. Sadly, many of us never get the opportunity to cross the finish line. This is a reality that Team Kevin Strive is refusing to face…

Kevin was born four months premature with a chromosome disorder, which leaves him unable to run on his own. Kevin’s mother, Kim Hansen, being an avid runner, wasn’t going to let that stop Kevin from being able to enjoy the thrill of the race. She decided if he weren’t going to be able to run on his own, she’d push him in his wheelchair. Kim’s act of courage and dedication quickly caught the attention of others.

We had the privilege to speak with Kim, the front-woman for Team Kevin Strive, to find out what all the buzz is about.

“Kevin doesn’t get to do many things that we all take for granted”. This was the basic motivating factor that propelled Kim to take Kevin on his first race. Originally the idea was just to allow Kevin to be able to enjoy himself, but it’s turning out to be an awesome time for the ones doing the pushing, making it a win-win for everyone.

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Since their first race a few years ago as a solo team, Team Kevin is now up to 6 racing chairs who race together on a regular basis and are looking to grow. They’ve formed a non-profit allowing people and businesses to be able to write-off their donations to help the cause.

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“Our biggest need right now is more racing chairs.” More and more people want to get involved but the chairs aren’t cheap. Team Kevin Strive is having their first ever charity race coming up November 15th 2014 in East Brunswick, NJ and they hope to get enough registrants to be able to buy a few more racing chairs so more special needs kids can get the chance to cross the finish line.

Kim tells us that many parents are concerned at first but once they see how much the other kids love it, they can’t help but take the leap of faith. If you, your child, or both want to get involved you can join their Facebook Group.

If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so at the race or on the Official Team Kevin Strive Website.

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