Team Showcase: Jersey Women Strong … Much More Than A Running Group

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What started out as a small handful of women training for the Tetterboro 5K has transformed into something far more impressive. Jersey Women Strong, based in Bergen County, is a running group but also a whole lot more. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or you’re training for your first 5K, Jersey Women Strong will welcome you with open arms and support you every step of the way.

The origin of the team truly took flight after they had trained for and successfully completed the Tetterboro race. Having felt an incredible feeling of  success and wanting to capitalize on their experience, the group simply asked “What now?” That question led to the formation of Jersey Strong Women, a team that has blossomed to well over 150 runners & counting.jws2

Dana White and Jennifer Capuzzo spearhead this inspiring collection of girl power. They cater to women of all ability levels as they feel their group provides a less intimidating setting for the novice runner. The collection of support from other teammates creates a true feeling of empowerment. “It’s a very supportive & upbeat environment for a new or experienced runner” shared Dana White when we caught up with her last week. To arm them for success, all new members receive a personalized training plan tailored to their individual goals and objectives.

In addition to their running efforts, they pride themselves on their community jws 4involvement. White explained; “Community outreach is a big thing for us. We think of ourselves as more than a running group.” They are supportive of dozens of community organizations such as Center For Hope & Safety, Healing Space and Oasis-A Haven For Women And Children. They proudly boasted that they recently raised more than $3,500 during a recent charitable initiative this past December. To compliment their philanthropic efforts, each month the ladies plan (at least) one social event such as a wine tasting or a dinner.

A dynamic schedule is a catalyst for their success as they meet for an official group practice on most weekends throughout the year. They also supplement their efforts with midweek plank training, hill workouts and track-work. These ladies never stop inspiring each other, and not just when they run together. By staying active via their social media support system, they provide that little extra motivation that all runners need.

The team marks their calendars for several iconic Jersey races and events each year. Atop their list are such events as: The Jersey Girl Tri, CGI’s Perfect 10 Miler, The NJ State Triathlon, The Long Branch Half and Relay & the Waldwick 5K.jws3

Regardless of your experience level, if you’re a female from Northern NJ and want to be part of something truly amazing, be sure to check out their website or FB page.  They offer several seasonal membership options and they currently have their annual membership available right now (through the end of January) as well.

A special thanks to Dana White for the insight into the world of Jersey Strong Women. We truly applaud your efforts and wish you all the best with your upcoming racing season. We will certainly be cheering for you all….. from way behind you!

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Charlie Hoffmann
  • Name

    Excellent article! Sounds like a fantastic group of women.

  • Jo Geano

    Fitness + inspiration + giving back to the community= perfection.

  • Kerry Herbster Sabino

    Amazing group of women !!!!……………………………………………………………….

  • Charlene Labenda

    Jersey Women Strong truly has a place for every woman, at every level. Anyone can workout alone or go to a gym, but this team is about building friendships, giving back to the community, and taking the journey to a healthy, fit lifestyle together! Check us out.

  • Amy Weiner

    Jersey Women Strong has seriously changed my life. The group is so much more than a running team. All the women are an inspiration and I can’t say enough about how Dana and the team has helped me with running and so much more. Definitely check out the team if you want to be part of an amazing group of women. You won’t regret it!!!!

  • amy chiossi

    What a great group of ladies! This team has changed my life….I’m so lucky to be a part of it!

  • Cathleen Cassidy

    I’m so happy to be a member of Jersey Women Strong! It is an amazing group of women led by inspiring and supportive coaches (Dana & Jen). Giving back to the community is an added bonus–
    Fun, fitness, friendships and philanthropy all in one!

  • Monica Dressler

    Joining Jersey Woman Strong was one of the best decisions I made in 2012. Being surrounded with inspiring, positive woman has helped me lose weight, gain confidence, improved my run and created life long friend with woman who share similar goals. Now it’s 2015 and I’m not only running but also swimming and biking with this team. Taking fitness to the next level!

  • Charlie

    Great feedback from a great organization. Amy C may have said it best “This team changed my life”. Certainly some inspiring words.

  • Jen Weinkauff

    Cannot say enough good things about this team. I was one of the original members…out of shape, bad back, had never run a day in my life. I did not think I could run for one minute, let alone one mile! That year, I did the Teterboro 5k and it felt amazing! Since then I have run 5k’s, a 10 miler and even a Tri! Dana and Jen are amazing…so knowledgeable and supportive. I have made some wonderful friends and have done things I never could have imagined. I’ve even had the opportunity to give back to the community…something I probably would not have “found the time” to do without Jersey Women Strong. I can truly say that Jersey Women Strong has changed my life!!

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