Thanksgiving and Running! Everything You Need To Know

Thanksgiving! It’s a tradition that dates back to 1913 based on the first formal track meet in America. A team of Indian sprinters challenged a group of Pilgrim distance runners to a formal running competition and the holiday began. It has evolved into a wonderful time for giving thanks for the things we treasure. It’s a time for relaxing with our families, stuffing our faces with turkey and watching 9 hours of football on the couch.

What does this day mean for a runner?

2 Important Things!

First, take some time to be thankful for the fact that we are capable of running and being active. Not everyone is blessed with the capability to be active, healthy and to have the opportunity to enjoy the sport that we love. Unfortunately, physical limitations and illness prevent people from having the ability to run. So this Thanksgiving should provide a chance to reflect and be appreciative of the strengths and capabilities that you are blessed with.

Secondly, go sign up for a local turkey trot. There are hundreds of them around the state and it’s a great way to take advantage of the long weekend and to avoid the “Thanksgiving 5”. Check the race calendars to see if your town has a race either Thursday morning, Friday or over the weekend. Turkey Trots tend to be very upbeat and lots of fun. Some folks don their best Thanksgiving costumes. We have seen Indians, Pilgrims, turkeys and tons of other crazy outfits. The only variable is the weather, but hey, its late November in New Jersey. If you don’t like the cold, move to Hawaii.

Best of luck to you all on your Turkey Trots this Thanksgiving break. Be thankful for the gift of running and health. And be sure to run hard. After all, you have hours of eating and football watching to take part in afterwards.

We here at are thankful for a great deal. Specifically that you are reading and hopefully enjoying our site. Feel free to comment below with your pics from the Turkey Trots!

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