The Irish Runner! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Alas, it’s St. Patrick’s Day…a very important day for a runner. Mid-March is often the time many of us return to running outdoors after another tough Jersey winter. We all realize that sunny days, epic NJ races and boardwalk runs are all coming very soon.

St Paddy’s Day is also a time for all of us to be Irish for 24 hours. While that often means raising a pint at the local pub, being Irish is far more than that. The Irish are people that place lots of importance on celebrating life. A true Irishman values family, friendship, music, culture, storytelling and so much more. The Irish also have enjoyed tons of international success in Rugby, Cricket, Hurling and Soccer.

However, the Irish have always boasted a rich tradition of great runners. This past summer (in the back of a cornfield in Layton, NJ) we met 4-time Irish Olympian & legendary Villanova Track coach, Marcus O’Sullivan. During our conversation, the running icon discussed the Irish community’s love of running. He IMG_4315shared that “Point-to-point racing goes back centuries in Ireland. Whether its on foot or horseback, the concept of racing and trying to improve ourselves vs another is part of who we are.” O’Sullivan also spoke to us about coaching, the Irish Pipeline of the 1970’s and gave us some advice for recreational runners. Please enjoy our 2-part conversation with him from this past summer: Part 1  & Part 2.

So, this St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to be as Irish as you can be. Take some time to trulybeer runner enjoy your life today. Take a run and savor every second of it. Spend some time with people you like…and of course feel free to have a pint or 2!

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