The NYC Marathon/Halloween Dilemma

For many runners (especially those from NJ), the NYC Marathon is the pinnacle of their running career. Running the streets of the world’s greatest city alongside 50,000 others is a “bucket-list” race for many. The sea of cheering fans create a race environment like no other on the planet. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

This year’s marathon promises to be another unforgettable one for the athletes. One small problem…it’s November 1st… the day after Halloween. That presents a big problem for many runners.

A three-person running team, all fans of, brought this to our attention a few weeks back. They are in a real conundrum since they are all mothers. Collectively, the trio has 10 kids between them, ranging in age from 4-12; prime Halloween age.

The question they have to answer is…Trick or treating with the kids OR rest up the day before the marathon?   hallo2We all appreciate that it’s important to rest up and take it easy the day before any big race, especially a marathon. However, parental responsibilities have to come first, right?

Even if they skipped the trick-or-treating and stayed home with the kids to distribute the candy, they would still be on their feet all day. The doorbell would be ringing constantly and they would be delivering hundreds of Snickers and Milky Ways throughout the day, not taking it easy.

So, what are they to do on this Halloween Saturday/Marathon Eve? As runners, the hardest thing we often have to face is to balance everything in our lives. Finding time for the training needed vs. the day-to-day responsibilities of family, job, house and all is a constant battle we all struggle with.

Frankly, we thought long and hard and…well…um…we actually have no good advice for them! However, we can appreciate that they are runners and that means they are tough and resourceful. So, we’re sure they will figure something out. Not to mention, a few extra Skittles in the tank may get them to a new PR.  hallo3

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