There’s No Running Like Snow Running

As the Garden State gets completely dumped on with snow, many runners are likely suffering from some serious Cabin Fever. We have all been watching meteorologists yap endlessly about accumulation numbers and wind gusts. For many of residents, Sunday may be the perfect time for a post-snowstorm outdoor run.

There is something particularly crazy and particularly awesome about running in the snow. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Be careful. Cars are crazy to begin with. And they are even nuttier in a snowstorm. Plus, there isn’t much room on the roads.
  • Try to get on the news. Nothing surprises a dumb-ass news reporter when they are talking about how horrible the conditions than a runner trotting by them.
  • Wear shorts. You are going to be freezing anyway. It’s so much more impressive if you wear shorts.
  • Unfortunately, your favorite park or trail is likely the last thing that plow crews will get to. So it may be a while before you get to run in your usual spot.
  • Watch your ankles. It’s basically impossible to pick the right shoes when running on snow covered roads. Your feet get wet immediately, you have no grip and you often go calf deep in the snow, so its an unwinnable endeavor trying to pick out the right shoes.

Enjoy the frostbite. Be safe and have a great apres snow run.

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