Top 10 Movies That Inspire Us To Run

Throwback Thursday…..TOP TEN MOVIE THAT INSPIRE YOU TO RUN: Kevin. H Callahan (AKA our Guy on the Couch)

Perhaps the only thing we enjoy better than running is sitting on our couch watching a movie about running. After more debate than a senate session, here is our top 10 movies that inspire us to run. Enjoy and let us know if we got it right or wrong!

aaa likefather10. Like Father Like Son: Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but when you look at the theme of running as a bridge between father and son in this movie, it certainly stands out. The son only cares about running while his father only cares about his own work and his son’s education. The father literally has to run, not walk, in his sons track shoes to finally gain that relationship and acceptance they both craved for so long. Plus it stars former Growing Pains star, Kirk Cameron.

9. ROCKY: How could it not make the list? He ran more than he fought in this ground breaking boxing flick. It shows that for any athlete, lowliest boxer or world champ, that it all starts with conditioning. The first step to greatness is and always will be RUNNING.

8. Run Fatboy Run: What better way to pass a day on the couch than with Simon Pegg. Beyond the obvious, this movie was simply great. Not only does the movie show how running can get us into shape, it also shows us that it can be the catalyst in our lives that we need to make our lives change for the better. A definite must see.

7. Cool Runnings: Wait a sec. Why would a movie about the Jamaican bobsled team make the list? Easy answer is… it is hilarious!! All kidding aside though, I chose this movie because of the one simple truth. Runners are some of the best athletes in the world and as we’ve seen on many occasions, the skill and drive runners possess can easily translate to other avenues of athletics.

6. Vision Quest:vision quest Granted, it’s mainly a movie about wrestling, amongst other things. But, like Rocky, it all starts with endurance. Where have I heard people get endurance from? Running of course! Well and a little bit of cycling. Any marathon can appreciate Louden Swain’s addiction-like focus on training.

5. Chariots of Fire: A classic movie that is worth watching anytime you’re in the mood for a great drama. Not only is it forever cemented in history due to winning Best Picture, but the societal themes throughout the movie are eternal. A must see.

4. Prefontaine: An obvious choice for a top five movie about running and Jared Leto is excellent as always. It doesn’t make the top three but still, a great movie to watch when you’re looking for some motivation.

3. Across the Tracks:across the tracks One of my favorite movies of all time actually, despite the low budget and corny 80’s soundtrack. This movie is little known to people but, I  love it. First off, Brad Pitt & Ricky Schroder are so young and spot on as brothers that could not be more different. Pitt, the quintessential all-American teen battling pressures of perfection, while Schroder, a troubled youth, is looking for redemption and escape from his own past. A definite must see, despite the 80’s wardrobe.

2. Forrest Gump: RUN FORREST RUN!! Need I say more? Actually I can, it’s one of the best movies of all time and running helped him break free from his disability, his small town life, potential death in Vietnam and (eventually) chase down the love of his life. Plus, any movie about Shrmpin’ Boats is always going to be good.




1. Without Limits: By far, in my opinion, the best movie about running or related to running I’ve ever seen. Billy Crudup is fantastic and Donald Sutherland nails it (as always). This movie kept me so engrossed throughout I was floored. I even had to hit pause mid-movie to take a quick jog. But for you dedicated runners out there, this is your Godfather, your Gone with the Wind and your Psycho all rolled into one. Enjoy it Runners and keep on pushing past that finish line!

That’s all folks!  Please share your thoughts and let us know (politely) what we missed. Don’t beat us up too bad.


Kevin Callahan is a freelance journalist who has appeared in various publication covering music, sports and pop culture. His clever wit and unique point of view have landed Kevin a loyal and growing following. He currently lives and writes on the New Jersey Coast.

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