Top 10 Things That Annoy You At A Race

So, we all love participating in a great race. There is a always great sense of comraderie and a wonderful spirit of competition. Plus, it often pushes us towards achieving our personal best. Weather you are running an Ironman Triathlon or a local community 5K, these events are truly fun and they encompass the undefinable essence of the sport that we all love. That being said, there are some nuances that drive all of us runners completely nuts. There are a few little quirks present at every race that drive us to absolute madness. Let us know what you think, but here are the top 10:

10 The person with headphones on that is talking super loud. Quit whispering to your friend. 100 people just heard you tell them that you forgot to tape your nipples.  

9 The person with 17 pieces of equipment on. Its a 5k race sponsored by your local church. You are wearing a GPS watch, headband, 2 knee braces, iPod, ankle brace, heart monitor, nasal strips and $200 socks. You are a tool.

8 Anyone dressed as Mini Mouse, WonderWoman or Superman. You are not original.  Stop thinking you are funny.

7 The guy that runs with his shirt off. We get it. You spent your entire winter in the gym. Now go put your shirt on. Its not that hot.

6 The 11 year old who stops in front of you and then sprints and stops in front of you again. Ughh!

5 The senior citizen walker couple who has to start in the absolute front of the crowd. Thanks for being in the way at the start as I missed my PR by 4 seconds. 

4 The elite runner who finishes the race and than walks back along the course. He acts like he is there to encourage the others, but we all know he is just showing off so everyone knows he finished an hour before you did. 

3 The guy screaming at you via a 1980’s megaphone to take off your headphones at the finish. Yeah..I can’t hear you because my headphones are on. Duh! 

2 The lady running with a baby stroller. Congrats on birthing your first child. It’s a tremendous accomplishment. Now get that giant thing out of my way and don’t run over my toe.  

1 The guy from the timing company screaming at you to stay in order in the chute. Listen buddy, I am in 9000th place. Who gives a s*** if I pass my sister in the chute.  

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