Top 5 Benefits Of Running With A Beard

“Don’t you get hot with that thing?”

“I tried it once, but it started to get itchy.”

Listen, there are only two types of runners without beards. Boys and women. I’m neither of those. I’ve also got science on my side. Here’s the top 5 reasons you’ll be shaving minutes off your PR if you stop shaving hair off your face.

5. Weatherproof

snow beard

Snow, rain & sleet are no match for the bearded face, no matter how fast you run. Grow a lion’s mane thick enough and you won’t even need to consult the forecast before heading out for a jog. It’ll even protect you from harmful UV rays in the summer. Hello SPF a million.

4. Allergy Reducer

allergies in monkey beard

If you’re an early morning runner, you know a mouthful of pollen is that last thing you want first thing in the morning. The more hair you have on your head, the better. Your nose hair, mustache and beard all help to trap allergens and other pollutants before they get to your airways.

3. Aerodynamics

bearded face

Ok, so maybe it’s not “technically” aerodynamic. Nevertheless, it does keep you on the straightest path by sending hundreds of neurological signals every second from your chin to your brain allowing you to instantly and subconsciously detect any deviation from the straight and narrow path that will lead you to victory. (theoretically)

2. Intimidation

wolverine beard

Let’s get real here. Even just the slightest layer of facial hair can turn Mr. Rogers into Wolverine. In any sport or competition, it never hurts to have your opponents feeling a little intimidated by your manliness.

1. More Running Gear

runners high sneakers

If you do the math on how much you spend every month on razor blades, it’ll freak you out. Bank that 40 bucks every month and buy yourself a hot new pair of running shoes (from Runners High of course) after just a few months of rocking that new beard.

Whether I’ve convinced you or not to start running with a beard, I hope you’ll at least consider it at some point down the road. To those of you already dominating the course with a face full of advantage, cheers to you. You’re one smart cookie.

intimidating beard

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